clean energy

24 Aug

In Focus: Electric Vehicle Myths


What, with soaring gas prices and enhanced environmental awareness these days, electric cars have generated …

20 Aug

Why GE isn’t ‘Friending’ Nuclear Power

Green Chip Stocks

As the whole world is fixated on the debate about on using and not using …

08 Aug

Japan: Still Haunted by Nuclear Power

Energy Refuge

Recently we blogged about a project by the Kyoto Journal called Fresh Currents, a magazine …

08 Aug

We Need Future Energy Now!

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

“Leopards and elephants often wander in…”says the manager of a tea plantation in India, left …

06 Aug

Survey: Latinos Like Clean Energy


A vast majority of registered Latino voters support clean energy innovation, protecting public lands and …

03 Aug

U.S Energy Subsidies: By the Numbers

Greentech Media

The latest reminder of the unfairness of life comes from the good folks at GOOD …

02 Aug

REPORT: Clean Energy Under Siege

Scaling Green

A new report by the Sierra Clubfollows the money trail behind the “attack on renewable …

31 Jul

Making PV Solar from any Semiconducting Material


It’s a new way to think about photovoltaic materials that could lead to less-costly PV. …

31 Jul

Walmart Turns on 100th Solar Installation


The world’s largest retailer Walmart has finished the rooftop solar installation at its San Diego …

29 Jul

Getting Bullish on Cleantech

The Green Light Distrikt

Lately, I’ve been feeling very bullish on cleantech, from my perspective anyway. I’ve had a …

21 Jul

SolarStrong: Alive and Kicking


Last year, SolarCity partnered with U.S. Renewables Group Renewable Finance and Bank of America Merrill …

20 Jul

Q2 Cleantech VC Declines


Venture capital invested in cleantech companies dropped a substantial 25% in the second quarter (Q2) …