clean energy

08 Jul

In Focus: Game Changing Renewable Technologies


The EU has a directive in place for all member states to produce 20% of …

03 Jul

$600M Solar Testing Facility Coming to Texas A&M


Last week Texas A&M University-Central Texas announced ambitious plans to build a $600 million solar …

26 Jun

New York’s Cleantech Big Tuna’s

Greentech Media

It’s Energy Week in New York. If we’ve done our jobs correctly, this list of …

14 Jun

U.S Solar Hits Milestone

Go Green Solar

According to Solar Energy Industries Association’s (SEIA) and GTM Research’s latest US Solar Market Insight® …

05 Jun

The “Renewables Club” Formed by 10 Countries


If an international treaty to cut carbon emissions hasn’t worked how about using the opposite approach? …

20 May

Australian Scientists Printing Solar Cells Down Under

The Daily Fusion

Scientists have produced the largest flexible, plastic solar cells in Australia—10 times the size of …

10 May

U.S Army Announces $7B in Renewable Energy Projects


The U.S. Army has just launched the first in a series of renewable energy contracts …

30 Apr

Investing in Clean Energy = Investing in the Future


Here’s a puzzler for our new era: Let’s say you want to set aside some …

29 Apr

75% of New Energy Investments Are Renewable

In a striking keynote, Michael Liebreich President of BNEF spoke about the continued compound growth …

21 Apr

LDK Solar Defaults on Convertible Notes

Solar Advice for Free

On the heels of Suntech’s bankruptcy last month, LDK Solar Company Ltd. (Xinyu City, China) …

15 Apr Helping Consumers Find the Right Solar Installer


The solar energy market grew by 76% last year, according to GTM Research and the …

05 Apr

POLL: Americans Want More Solar


A new poll by Gallup finds that across the U.S. more citizens want a greater …