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The History of CIGS Solar Technology

Vijay Kapur, the CEO of International Solar Energy Technology (ISET), is one of the solar industry’s quiet pioneers — but you can expect a bit of noise from him in the future. "My history is with ARCO Solar" said Kapur, claiming that much of the technical lineage of CIGS sputtering and selenization at solar firms

Sulfurcell Develops New CIGS PV Cell

Thin-film solar manufacturer Sulfurcell Solartechnik GmbH has unveiled the prototypes for its new product line: 1.25 m by 0.65 mmodules with a TUV Rheinland-confirmed efficiency of 10.7% and a peakoutput of 86.8 W. Sulfurcell says the modules’ base layers use areconfigured semiconductor layer consisting of copper, indium, galliumand selenide (CIGS). In its first production line,

Miasolé exceeds 14 percent efficiency with commercial-scale CIGS thin film solar modules

MiaSolé, the leading manufacturer of copper indium gallium selenide(CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic solar panels, announced that the USDepartment of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)independently confirmed the 14.3 percent efficiency of its large areaproduction modules (1 square meter in size). The 14.3 percentmodule efficiency is the highest independently confirmed efficiency forany commercial scale CIGS module technology.

AQT and their Plan to Dominate CIGS

Sunnyvale, Calif.–That whooshing, whirring machinein the video is how solar will one day compete directly against fossilfuels, according to AQT Solar. The company, which makes copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells, has come up with a manufacturing process that the company says allows it to produce relatively high efficiency solar cells fairly cheaply. AQT’s

ISET Implements Pilot Line For CIGS Fabrication

International Solar Electric Technology Inc. (ISET), a manufacturer of thin-film copper indium gallium diselenide(CIGS) solar modules, says it has implemented its pilot line ofmanufacturing operations in preparation to expand its production volume. ISET’s pilot line produces monolithically integrated CIGS modules on glasssubstrates with an area of one square foot. The company has establishedits pilot production

A New CIGS Record

ZSW, a German research institute focused on solarand hydrogen, announced today that it has developed a copper indiumgallium selenide (CIGS) solar cell to convert 20.3 percent of the lightthat strikes it into electricity. This nudges past the record set by ZSW in April with a cell with a20.1 percent efficiency. The April mark broke a

AQT Solar’s first CIGS manufacturing facility goes online

AQT Solar, a leading developer of low-cost CIGS(copper-indium-gallium-diselenide) thin-film solar cells today announced the opening of their new fully-operational facility in Sunnyvale,California. The facility has already begun production to fillcurrent customer orders of 20 MW, with substantial purchase orders inthe pipeline. AQT also released the name of its first customerinstallation, Sol Pacifico, a large property


CIGS Will Rule by 2020

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Thin – FilmPhotovoltaic (PV) Cells Market Analysis to 2020 – CIGS (Copper IndiumGallium Diselenide) to Emerge as the Major Technology by 2020" report to its offering. Thin – Film Photovoltaic (PV) Cells MarketAnalysis to 2020- CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide) to Emerge asthe Major Technology by


SoloPower’s Flexible CIGS Panels

SoloPower is amongst the early wave of VC-fundedCIGS-based photovoltaic entrants, all of whom have earned their shareof bruises along the way.  Solyndra, with its cylindrical CIGS tubes, had topull its IPO.  MiaSolé over-promised, under-delivered, jettisonedits CEO, and is now rebounding with a new CEO.  NanoSolar lost their CEO amidst somedisappointments.  Heliovolt recently closed a very

Veeco Receives Funding To Develop CIGS Technology

Veeco Instruments Inc. says its St.Paul, Minn., operations was awarded $800,000 in matchingfunds by the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Office of EnergySecurity provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act tosupport emerging renewable energy technology. The matching fundswere awarded for a 1.5-year project designed to expedite Veeco’s copperindium gallium selenium (CIGS) deposition equipment technology tomarket.


Activity Picking Up in CIGS Industry

These are interesting times for the CIGS solarcommunity. Here’s a very brief recap of the last few months: Stion just unstealthed as a CIGS startup — with abit of a twist.  President Obama will be visiting Solyndra this week, presumably tocheck on his half-billion dollar investment in the firm.  Solyndracontinues to win large rooftop installations


CIGS Rooftop Solar Installation in Italy Largest of Its Kind

Earlier this week, Global Solar Energy officials announced thecompany’s CIGS technology is powering an 820-kilowatt (kW) solar energysystem for a plastics manufacturing business in northern Italy. ByGlobal Solar accounts, it is the biggest CIGS rooftop solar energysystem in the world. CIGS stands for the four materials that make up this compoundsemiconductor: copper, indium, gallium and (di)selenide. The cells differ in a number

Global Solar and CIGS Reality

In a CIGS photovoltaic universe full of noisyVC-funded startups like Solyndra and Nanosolar — Global Solar Energy is notable for its low-profile, longevity and actual productionvolumes.  And the fact that they’ve achieved eleven percent averagesolar cell efficiency in large-scale manufacturing.  The firm has 75megawatts of production capacity at two sites. I spoke withJean-Noel Poirier, the