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SoloPower Raises $10M for Flexible CIGS

SoloPower Raises $10M for Flexible CIGS

SoloPower, a manufacturer of CIGS-based flexible thin-film solar panels, raised a bit more debt and equity in its series E-3 round with an SEC filing of $10.8 million. This would appear to be an extension of the recently filed $7.1 million E-3 round in May. In other SoloPower news, the firm just added Paolo Pietrogrande


Nanosolar Lands $70M

Don’t count Nanosolar out of the thin film solar competition just yet. The firm just closed on another $70 million in VC funding to allow its CIGS thin-film photovoltaic factory to continue to scale and improve. A release from the company describers the round as “over-subscribed” with funding from existing investors and new investors including


SoloPower Raises $7.1M for CIGS Technology

SoloPower, a San Jose, California-based maker of CIGS-based flexible thin-film solar modules, just raised a small amount of venture funding, according to this SEC filing (and verified with one of the investors). SoloPower raised $7.1 million from existing investors which include Hudson Clean Energy Partners, Crosslink Capital, Convexa, and Firsthand. The solar startup is also


Who Wants to Buy Solyndra’s Used CIGS Factory?

Solyndra’s asset story is reaching its final chapters — although its political story might still have some legs. Jones Lang LaSalle, a real estate services and investment management firm, has been selected by Solyndra to sell the bankrupt and beleaguered solar panel manufacturer’s headquarters in Fremont, California. This arrangement has been approved by the bankruptcy


Solar Industry Records Being Broken Left and Right

While the recent solar market has its dark side (bankruptcies, layoffs, slim profits, and consolidation), the industry continues to innovate and drive device performance ever upward. That means that when the solar sector makes it through these lean times, it will possess increasingly higher efficiencies and even lower price-per-watt metrics than today’s already surprisingly low


CIGS Market to Double by 2015

While the solar photovoltaic market is tight and competitive, there is one arm researchers say is almost guaranteed to grow. Copper indium gallium diselenide solar (CIGS) will double in installed capacity by 2015, according to a recently released research report from Lux Research. The market for CIGS is expected to be worth more than $2.3


Brian Stone Exits Nanosolar

Depite still remaining on the company website, Brian Stone, a long-time senior employee of Nanosolar, is no longer with the company. (Credit a commenter on GigaOm for pointing this out.) Bryce Yang, an employee of Mr. Stone and sales analyst at Nanosolar, verified this information. Michelle Wagner, Director of HR Operations at Nanosolar, has not


Top 10 Solar Technologies of Tommorrow

  The Sun has blessed us all with an alternative energy form which could be used in various ways to generate energy without harming environment and depleting natural resources. The day is very close when all the electronic gadgets we use will work on solar power. Given below are 10 solar power innovations to watch


HelioVolt Gets $50M Infusion

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the CIGS photovoltaic panel world. Solyndra went bankrupt, Intel is transforming MiaSolé, Ascent found an Asian white knight and now, so has HelioVolt. Today we learned that HelioVolt is receiving $50 million from SK Innovation, South Korea’s biggest refiner and a company that accounts for 10 percent of


TFG Radiant Group Saves Ascent Solar $ASTI

CIGS solar vendor Ascent Solar has found a savior. A few month’s ago, we had begun to prepare the obituary for flexible CIGS solar manufacturer Ascent Solar (NASDAQ:ASTI) — one of the casualties of the solar shakeout. In April, the Thornton, Colorado-based Ascent had a market capitalization of $69 million. 2010 sales were a mere


Stion to Open CIGS Manufacturing Facility in Mississippi

Stion, which has devised a copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solarpanel and is working on a next generation panel, has announced it willbuild manufacturing facilities in Hattiesburg, Mississippi thanks inpart to $75 million in loans and other incentives from the state. The first phase of the project will be a 100 megawatt production line,Stion’s first

SoloPower displays CIGS PV module

SoloPower, a California-based manufacturer of flexible, thin-film solarphotovoltaic (PV) cells and modules, will display its line ofhigh-power, lightweight, flexible photovoltaic module products in theSoloPower booth (# 5522 in Kentia Hall) at Solar Power International,Oct. 12-14, 2010 in Los Angeles. SoloPower’s line includesmultiple form factors: the SFX1 module (80Wp, 0.3m x 2.9m, 2.3kg /5lbs.), and the