09 Aug

Ascent Solar Lands Pilot Program at Foxconn


Ascent Solar, a thin-film manufacturer based in Thornton, Colo., has penned an agreement to provide …

08 Jul

In Focus: Folding Solar Panels

Green World Investor

Are lightweight and portable devices, used for charging rechargeable batteries, cell phones, GPS, computers, satellite …

04 Jul

SoloPower Raises $10M for Flexible CIGS

Greentech Media

SoloPower, a manufacturer of CIGS-based flexible thin-film solar panels, raised a bit more debt and …

01 Jun

Nanosolar Lands $70M

Greentech Media

Don’t count Nanosolar out of the thin film solar competition just yet. The firm just …

28 May

MiaSolé Sets Flexible CIGS Efficiency Record

Greentech Media

We’ve been keeping a tally of recent record-setting solar cell and module achievements. We’re now …

23 May

SoloPower Raises $7.1M for CIGS Technology

Greentech Media

SoloPower, a San Jose, California-based maker of CIGS-based flexible thin-film solar modules, just raised a …

16 May

$.75 Per Watt Solar Modules at Stion

Greentech Media

Stion is having a CIGS solar panel sale. The VC- and strategic-funded CIGS solar firm …

24 Feb

Who Wants to Buy Solyndra’s Used CIGS Factory?

Greentech Media

Solyndra’s asset story is reaching its final chapters — although its political story might still …

09 Feb

Solar Industry Records Being Broken Left and Right

Greentech Media

While the recent solar market has its dark side (bankruptcies, layoffs, slim profits, and consolidation), …

24 Jan

CIGS Market to Double by 2015


While the solar photovoltaic market is tight and competitive, there is one arm researchers say …

14 Jan

Brian Stone Exits Nanosolar

Greentech Media

Depite still remaining on the company website, Brian Stone, a long-time senior employee of Nanosolar, …

21 Sep

Top 10 Solar Technologies of Tommorrow


  The Sun has blessed us all with an alternative energy form which could be …