RIP: Florida Solar Subsidies (but that’s okay)

What was once true has become a myth. In years past, it didn’t make much sense to install solar panels (solar electric/photovoltaic modules) from a financial standpoint without generous subsidies, rebates, and incentives. The payback period was too long for most investors (see my article on the folly of the payback metric here). Except for […] Read more

A Solar Holiday Season

A light bulb turned on over Jerry Phlippeau’s head a few years back when he decided to make solar-powered outdoor lights. He originally pictured rope lights that homeowners could wrap around fences or mail boxes in places that were harder to reach with extension cords. It was just white rope lights to start, and then […] Read more

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

How about we start the month of December with a little holiday cheer? The folks in High Bridge, New Jersey are gearing up for their first ever solar-powered Christmas. This Saturday when the High Bridge Business Associationflips the switch on the Main Street Christmas tree, it will be sun power that makes those Christmas lights […] Read more

Solar Christmas Lights and Party Lights Strings

Ideal for use as a solar powered festive lights decoration atChristmas time or use all year round to decorate trees, shrubs, gardendecor, etc. Perfect for areas where electricity is unavailable ordifficult to run wiring. These solar string lights are perfectly safe,simple to install and great for use almost anywhere. The compactcontroller box comes complete with […] Read more