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Solar: The Great Payback?

Solar: The Great Payback?

The most common question I hear when discussing the value of solar is to ask: “What’s the Payback Period?” Don’t answer this question!! The payback period does have some advantages in that it is a simple thing to calculate and is intuitive. However it is a lousy method for valuing things that have a long


Solar Charger by Kiwi Choice

Kiwi Choice has unveiled its new eco-charger for portable electronic devices. Thedevice folds out into a tri-pointed device with a trio of solar panelsready to harness clean energy and store it in an onboard battery. Thedevice ships with 11 different tips and can recharge iPods and iPhonesas well. The onboard battery holds about 2000mAh of

Solar Choice welcomes UK feed-in tariff

Solar panel installation specialists, Solar Choice, has praised theforthcoming introduction of the UK feed-in tariff, which will come intoeffect in April 2010. The UK feed-in tariff means that homes orbusinesses choosing to install solar PV will be paid for every singleunit of electricity they generate – including the units they usethemselves! The rates at which

Could Nuclear Become the Energy of Choice for Arizona?

During his State of the Union address,President Obama sent a cheer amongst Congressional Republicans when heannounced (confirmed) his support for nuclear power as a source ofclean energy. Obama followed through with his promise when he announcedlast week $8 billion in loan guarantees for building two nuclear plants by Southern Company in eastern Georgia. Itnow appears