19 Nov

IKEA Builds Largest Solar Roof in South Florida

The Daily Fusion

Last week, IKEA, a Swedish company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, announced its plans …

06 Sep

Lower Solar Costs = Scale Production


When it comes to lowering the costs of photovoltaics production scale is the key driver, …

07 Jun

China Whines Over EU Tariffs


On June 4, the European Union decided to impose provisional anti-dumping tariffs of nearly 50 …

07 Mar

Solar and Moore’s Law

Brighter Tomorrow

Late last summer, I was walking the neighbourhood near where a rooftop residential solar PV …

04 Feb

WOW! 42 Cents/Watt Solar by 2015

Greentech Media

The cost of producing a conventional crystalline silicon (c-si) solar panel continues to drop. Between …

11 Oct

U.S Lays Heavy Tariffs on Chinese Solar Cells


The Department of Commerce is standing behind its preliminary decision to impose massive import tariffs …

25 Sep

China/EU Battle Carbon Emissions


One of the world’s largest economic powerhouses has reportedly struck a deal with the European …

30 Aug

The Future of Chinese Solar Companies

Green Chip Stocks

The whole solar panel industry has been in a tailspin as the massive solar glut …

29 Aug

China Strikes Back Against U.S Energy Subsidies

Green Chip Stocks

The Global Green War had started with the US imposing duties on imports of Chinese …

03 Dec

Beijing Emerges As Early Capitol Of Chinese Electric Vehicle Adoption

Green Chip Stocks

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has chosen Beijing to serve as the pilot city …

02 Dec

Chinese Student Creates Solar Powered Egg House


In an effort to reduce his living expenditure in a city likeBeijing, Daihai Fei, a …

26 Nov

Chinese PV Market Just Getting Started

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

CCID Consulting Co. Ltd has released a report on China’s PV industry. Global PV market …