19 Feb

In Focus: Super Cities


A metropolis is a large densely populated urban area that has a significant economic, political …

15 Feb

Are Solar PV Panels from China Kosher?

Brighter Tomorrow

PV has grown dramatically since Bell Labs displayed the first demonstration unit in 1954. The …

10 Feb

The Visable Change in Asia’s Energy Consumption

As people are coming to understand, Asian economic growth over the past two decades—despite its …

06 Feb

Can China meet its Electric Vehicles Target?

The Green Leap Forward

New energy vehicles are one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries.  Unlike its other “new …

04 Feb

WOW! 42 Cents/Watt Solar by 2015

Greentech Media

The cost of producing a conventional crystalline silicon (c-si) solar panel continues to drop. Between …

01 Feb

China’s Solar Growth: Holy Cow!


China is upping its solar target once again, after having done so several times in …

31 Jan

China Claims Emission Levels Dropping Across The Board


China’s environment minister stated that the emissions of four major pollutants (sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, …

30 Jan

WOWZERS: China Just Raised Its Solar Power Goal By 67%

No More Naked Roofs

I make a lot of jokes on this blog but the hazardous levels of air …

30 Jan

China: Consuming Just As Much Coal As Rest of World Combined

3000 Quads

It’s not always that I agree with Time. But this time I do, even if …

29 Jan

Yingli Green Energy Makes Huge Commitment to Fight Climate Change


Yingli Green Energy has become the first Chinese company and the first photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer …

22 Jan

DOE’s International Energy Outlook: Wrong on Developing World

3000 Quads

Regular readers will remember that I predicted that China would be using 247 quads by …

14 Jan

China’s Air Pollution at Insane Levels


Chinese media has taken a stand on air pollution in China by calling on the …