30 Apr

China: Getting Greener Across the Board


In recent years, China has been blasted for its failure to instate solar energy systems …

29 Apr

75% of New Energy Investments Are Renewable

In a striking keynote, Michael Liebreich President of BNEF spoke about the continued compound growth …

24 Apr

The Solar Rooftop Boom in NYC


Things move fast in the city that never sleeps and solar’s been keeping pace. By …

19 Mar

Will Suntech Power Survive?


It’s hard to believe the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, Suntech (NYSE: STP) could go bankrupt, but …

19 Mar

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang: Pollution Will Be Addressed


This year, we’ve covered quite a bit on China’s pollution problem and the importance of …

19 Mar

Japan’s Solar Market: Growth is an Understatement


Japan is making significants stride toward renewable energy development, particularly in solar and wind, in …

13 Mar

PV Market to Reach 31MW in 2013


The photovoltaic market will continue its growth in 2013 albeit a little slower than in …

02 Mar

Chinese ‘Cancer Villages’


Alarming headlines from around the World are sharing the toxic tragedy regarding the current ticking …

27 Feb

China’s Tianjin Eco-city: Making Progress


In the face of rapid urbanization and environmental degradation, China is scrambling for sustainable urban …

27 Feb

5 Reasons Jinko Solar Will Thrive in 2013

The Green Market Oracle

Jinko Solar is well positioned to capitalize on the solar market in 2013 as it …

26 Feb

PREDICTION: U.S Will Produce More Wind Power Than China Before 2020

The Green Leap Forward

Looking into my green crystal ball, here’s my bold prediction about the US-China wind energy …

25 Feb

China Implements Carbon Tax


After smog reached untenable heights in Beijing and other Chinese cities last month, China is …