14 Apr

The Donald Trump of China Invests in Solar Companies


After several tough years for the solar industry, when numerous companies either held massive debt (in …

07 Apr

Solar Deployment Exceeds Wind in 2013

The Daily Fusion

More new solar photovoltaic (PV) generating capacity was added throughout the globe than wind energy …

24 Mar

Bill Gates Talks Climate Change


In the March 27 issue of Rolling Stone,Jeff Goodell interviews Bill Gates on issues ranging from polio …

20 Mar

In Focus: Solar YieldCos

Greentech Media

There has been a lot of excitement around YieldCos and their ability to improve the financing prospects …

18 Mar

Tesla’s Chinese Eco-mark Lawsuit

Green Patent Blog

A previous post reported on Tesla’s Chinese trademark problem.  Apparently, a businessman named Zhan Baosheng had registered …

05 Mar

In Focus: Eco-Friendly Toys


When it comes to toys, most parents are aware of how important it is to …

24 Feb

Energy Storage and Community Solar Farms

Clean Energy Collective

While a number of local residents, businesses and institutions have installed solar panels on their …

20 Feb

China Has 2x As Many Smart Meters As Total US Households


Bloomberg released a report on 18 February 2014, that shows how much money China, the United States and several European countries spent on smart meters in 2013. I’ve included just the information about China and the U.S. China installed 62 million…

20 Feb

Goldman Sachs: Investing $40 Billion into Renewable Energy


That’s right, Goldman Sachs is betting on renewables for the long haul and they say …

31 Jan

Revisited: The Sale of Fisker

The Green Market Oracle

The sale of electric car company Fisker is turning out to be quite a soap …

07 Jan

In Focus: Solar Powered Factories


You probably have read or heard how industrialization has damaged our environment. The factories around …

06 Jan

Polymer Solar Cell Efficiency Goes Ballistic

The Daily Fusion

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found an …