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UN Chief Asks G20 to Focus on a Sustainable Recovery

UN Chief Asks G20 to Focus on a Sustainable Recovery

Leaders of the group of 20 developing countries (G20)are scheduled to meet in Toronto, Canada, June 26-27, to discuss therecovery of the world economy and the reform of the internationalfinancial system in the aftermath of the global crisis. According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, G20 leaders should focus onenvironment-friendly measures to promote global economic recovery.

SolarCity appoints David White chief financial officer

SolarCity, a national leader in solar financing, design, installation,monitoring and related services, today announced that David White hasjoined the company as chief financial officer. White willoversee SolarCity’s finance and accounting functions, and brings morethan 20 years of executive-level financial management experience to hisrole. White joins SolarCity in a time of increasing growth. Thecompany recently passed

Jurg Henz Appointed Interim Chief for Oerlikon Solar

Jeannine Sargent, who took over the fledging solar business at Swiss thin-film factory equipment company, Oerlikon Solar, in 2007, is leaving. The company issued a brief announcement about her departure, and the appointment of Jurg Henz as the interim CEO. Henz has been an executive within Oerlikon.  Sargent joined Oerlikon Solar after serving as the

Sungevity Raises $6M

Sungevity has raised $6 million in equity and hired new executives to help it expand its business. Greener Capital led the round, said the Berkeley, Calif.-based installer of solar energy systems. Sungevity also hired Charles Ferer as chief financial officer. Fererserved the same role at SolarCity, one of California’s largestinstaller headquartered in Foster City. Daphne