25 Apr

Solar Mobile Charging Kiosks by Vino Jose


Of all portable electronic gadgets that are out there on the market, cellphones seem to …

08 Mar

Nokia Developing Self Charging Mobile Phone $NOK


We all face the frustrating situation of having our cell-phonebatteries run dry while out of …

09 Feb

Geotectura’s Gasoline Station Offering Solar Powered EV Charging


Withthe rise in the number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on thestreets, it will …

11 Jan

ULVAC Introduces Charging System With PV, EV Charger

Solar Industry

Tokyo-based ULVAC Inc. has developed and launcheda new product combining a photovoltaic power-generation facility with …

22 Dec

New York’s First Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Energy Boom

On the heels of London’s latest electric vehicle announcements, New York City recently followed suit …

16 Dec

New York boasts of its first solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging station


Big Apple gets a dose of greenness too! We have seen solar powered EV charging …

27 Oct

Toyota to develop solar-powered charging station for EVs


  Toyota Industries Corp has announced that the company is developing electricvehicle charging stations that …

16 Oct

SunPods’ EV Plug-N-Go Portable Solar Charging Station


The biggest problem with solar charging stations is that it is not yetcapable of re …

22 Sep

California Freeway Gets Electric Car Chargers From SolarCity

Greentech Media

Solar power and electric can go together like a horse and carriage. That’s the idea …

21 Sep

Solar powered filling stations for you electric cars and bikes


The E-move charging station is a solar powered filling station in thecity of Bozen in …

03 Sep

Novothink debuts first Apple-licensed solar charging case


Novothink,a global manufacturer of energy alternative electronic devices, hasannounced the release of Solar Surge, the …

14 Jul

Better idea for car ownership will fuel solar industry

The Phoenix Sun

A company named Better Place has a better idea about car ownership in a post-oil …