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ULVAC Introduces Charging System With PV, EV Charger

ULVAC Introduces Charging System With PV, EV Charger

Tokyo-based ULVAC Inc. has developed and launcheda new product combining a photovoltaic power-generation facility with arapid charger for electric vehicles (EVs). The company has received itsfirst order from Chigasaki City. The photovoltaicpower-generation facility complies with the requirements formulti-purpose power-generation systems, coordinating photovoltaic powergeneration with commercial power facilities, and includes solar panels,a power conditioner, power supply

New York’s First Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

On the heels of London’s latest electric vehicle announcements, New York City recently followed suit by deploying its first solar charging station. Beautiful Earth Group(BE) unveiled New York’s first solar-powered electric vehicle (EV)charging station, which will allow the energy firm to recharge itselectric MINI E using zero carbon energy making it one of the few

New York boasts of its first solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging station

Big Apple gets a dose of greenness too! We have seen solar powered EV charging stations come up in Chicago, Germany and Japantoo. Today it’s time to talk of New York’s first solar-powered electricvehicle (EV) charging station. Beautiful Earth Group just unveiled thissolar-powered EV charging station in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Powered bystate-of-the-art Sharp 235 watt

California Freeway Gets Electric Car Chargers From SolarCity

Solar power and electric can go together like a horse and carriage. That’s the idea behind SolarCity’s effort to market its solar energy system sales along with electric car charging installations. The Foster City, Calif.-based company announced Tuesday apartnership with Rabobank to make electric car charging available forfree to owners of Tesla Motors’ vehicles traveling

Novothink debuts first Apple-licensed solar charging case

Novothink,a global manufacturer of energy alternative electronic devices, hasannounced the release of Solar Surge, the first Apple-licensed solarcharger case for the iPod touch. The smartly-designed, hybrid solarcharger case enables anyone to power up from the sun while carryingtheir iPod. The company will also be releasing the Solar Surge for theiPhone 3G and 3GS later this


A three-wheeled vehicle to recharge your gadgets with solar energy

Ifyou’re travelling by your car, you’re never away from a charging pointwhich can recharge your cellphones and navigation devices. However,pedestrians are always at a risk of losing the charge on their gadgetswhen they’re away from their homes. Finding a wall socket, that toomiles away from home, wouldn’t often yield a desired result. ThePowerBike by Sustainable