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FUTUREWATCH: Wireless Electric Vehicle Chargers

FUTUREWATCH: Wireless Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles are slowly catching up with the masses, but there’s still a long way to go before they can replace conventional cars. While EVs offer commuters a green solution to get around, a few kinks have prevented them from being truly viable. For instance, the lack of charging stations means that commuters aren’t able


The PowerTrekk Instant Charger

A Swedish firm myFC has created an instant mobile charger, dubbed the PowerTrekk, which makes use of water to produce power for your smartphones. PowerTrekk mixes water with a chemical powder called sodium silicide to generate hydrogen gas that can power your cells through the fuel cell technology. The PowerTrekk was put on display at


Making A Solar Charger for your E-Reader

We use lots of electronic gadgets that run on a battery. When you are using these gadgets for longer duration, you need to charge the batteries more often. If you the gadget for longer duration, then you have to spend more time on charging the batteries. There is a solution to this problem. You can


From CES – The Goal Zero Solar Charger

It’s late in the day here in California, but we thought we’d relay this solar-related news tidbit coming out of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held this week inLas Vegas. A maker of “portable solar power systems,” Goal Zero, tookthe opportunity at CES to unveil a new product: Image courtesy of Goal Zero What, pray


QuickerTek’s Solar Charger for MacBooks $AAPL

There’s not a huge demand for QuickerTek’s solar photovoltaicchargers for Apple MacBooks, said QuickerTek’s president Rick Estes. “But when someone needs it, they really need it,” Estes said. QuickerTek produces two versions of its foldable PV solar array forMac computers called the Apple Juicz. The 27-watt setup works for mostMacBook users, according to the company’s

The “Solar Beetle” Portable Charger

The “Solar Beetle” is a portable solar charger for the nature lovers to recharge their gadgets like cell phones, iPod, mp3 players, PDAsetc. Designed by Korean designers Bora Kim, Kimhyelyn and Park JongDuck, this innovative charger incorporates solar panels that harnesssolar energy to power electronic devices. This beetle shaped solar charger has solar panels on

Solar iPhone Charger by Dexim

Irritated that your Apple iPhone keeps running out of charge every nowand then? Need to keep yourself in touch and entertained all the time?Well, you could opt for a solar charger to keep it juiced all the time,if the sun shines in your favor that is. Dexim HQ came up with the solar powered P-Flip


Evatran Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger

Evatran has unveiled their new wireless charger for electric cars at the Plug-In 2010 conference in San Jose, California. Thenext-generation charger makes use of proximity charging technology topower car with electrons beamed from the car-sized Powermat. Electricity transmitted by the Powermat is received by ashoebox-sized device mounted to the undercarriage of the vehicle, whichmagnetically detects


China Vasion’s 4-port USB Solar Charger

For all those users who’re mostly on the move and need portablebatteries to recharge their gadgets, the 4-port USB Hub from ChinaVasion might just be the perfect device. More than just a standard4-port USB 2.0 hub to attach all your devices to your computer in onego, the product also function as an emergency green power