11 May

The Lilliputian Systems Fuel Cell Charger


The fuel cell device from Lilliputian is like a thick smartphone and the cartridge is …

10 Apr

FUTUREWATCH: Wireless Electric Vehicle Chargers


Electric vehicles are slowly catching up with the masses, but there’s still a long way …

29 Mar

The JOOS Orange Portable Solar Charger

Go Green Solar

The JOOS Orange allows you to get out and experience all that the world has …

01 Mar

The Power Dock Solar iDevice Charger by A-Solar


If you have been looking for a solar charger for all of your Apple iDevices, …

30 Jan

The FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger

Energy Refuge

You may not have solar photovoltaic panels on your rooftop, but you can enjoy the …

21 Jan

The PowerTrekk Instant Charger


A Swedish firm myFC has created an instant mobile charger, dubbed the PowerTrekk, which makes …

07 Jan

The Futuristic Gadget Charging Suitcase


Gadgets are the main accessories of our daily lives and the energy source to power …

25 Nov

FUTUREWATCH: Flexible Solar Chargers


One of the biggest concerns for everyone today is to recharge the many small gadgets …

08 Oct

Making A Solar Charger for your E-Reader


We use lots of electronic gadgets that run on a battery. When you are using …

06 Jan

From CES – The Goal Zero Solar Charger

It’s late in the day here in California, but we thought we’d relay this solar-related …

05 Jan

QuickerTek’s Solar Charger for MacBooks $AAPL


There’s not a huge demand for QuickerTek’s solar photovoltaicchargers for Apple MacBooks, said QuickerTek’s president …

11 Oct

The “Solar Beetle” Portable Charger

Go Green Solar

The “Solar Beetle” is a portable solar charger for the nature lovers to recharge their …