25 Feb

SunPower (SPWRA) Solar Cells Power World’s Largest Solar Boat

Green Stocks Central

PlanetSolar just revealed the world’s largest solar-powered boat tothe world at the HDW shipyard. The …

25 Feb

Solar Vs. Fuel Cells

Greentech Media

Bloom Energy today formally unveiledits energy server, an industrial solid oxide fuel cell that can …

22 Feb

Rapid Growth Projected for Chemicals and Materials in Solar Cells and Modules

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

The market for advanced chemicals and materials used in photovoltaicsolar cells and modules will grow …

19 Feb

Ceramics for CIGS Solar Cells

Greentech Media

DuPont will later this year try to show off a tool that can help get …

11 Feb

Solar Glass Pyramid Cells

Energy Boom

Current nay-sayers of Eco-Bling aside, the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE) may have …

28 Jan

Suntech and Q-Cells Champion Global Collaboration

PV Group

In December, SEMI announced that Zhengrong Shi, Ph.D., founder, chairman and chief executive officer of …

27 Jan

Printing Solar Cells at Solterra

Go Green Solar

Solterra Renewable Energy Technologiesis on a mission to lower the cost of solar cells by …

27 Jan

Sixtron Releases Silexium Antireflective Coating For Solar Cells

Solar Industry

Sixtron Advanced Materials, a provider of silane-free coating solutions, has introducedthe patent-pending Silexium technology, an …

27 Jan

Berkeley Researchers Hack Tobacco Plants to Grow Synthetic PV Cells


Researchers at UC Berkeleyhave found a way to hack tobacco plants to grow synthetic photovoltaicand …

12 Jan

New Energy unveils patent-pending technology to ‘Spray’ solar cells onto see-thru windows to generate electricity

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

New Energy Technologies Inc., a developer of MotionPower technologiesfor generating sustainable electricity from the kinetic …

08 Jan

SunTiles Feature PV Cells Woven Into Textures


Normallyon a sunny day an open window lets in a great amount of solar heat,which …

23 Dec

Glitter SIzed PV Cells Could Revolutionize Solar Power


Researchers at the Sandia National Laboratoryhave developed glitter-sized photovoltaic cells that are about tentimes thinner …