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FUTUREWATCH: Paint-On Solar Cells

FUTUREWATCH: Paint-On Solar Cells

A team of researchers from University of Notre Dame was engaged in developing alternatives to silicon based solar technology. In a recent breakthrough, they have developed semiconducting nanoparticle from titanium dioxide. These nanoparticles generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. According to the research report from Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano), these nanoparticles, coated


Hybrid Thin Film Solar Cells by Silevo

Silevo, the solar startup formerly known as Sierra Solar Power (Sierra), has developed a “hybrid cell,” so called because it is a combination of three materials:  crystalline silicon n-type substrates, thin-film passivation (non-reactive) layers that allow higher voltages, and a tunneling oxide layer. Sierra is the owner of record of several published patent applications, including U.S.


Iowa State University Researchers Develop 20% Efficient Polymer Solar Cells

Iowa State University (ISU) researchers, working in the Ames Laboratory (a U.S. Department of Energy-operated facility run by ISU), havereportedly developed a process whereby polymer solar cells become moreefficient by the addition of a uniformly thin, light-absorbing layer onspecially textured substrates. The process improves efficiency by increasing light absorption, andis particularly valuable, researchers note, because

Harvard Researchers Create Fuel Cells WITHOUT Platinum

Researchers at Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have created all-ceramic thin-film solid-oxide fuel cells that don’tcontain any platinum. If the development could make its way intoproduction, the world could be seeing fuel cells that use more abundantand less expensive fuels and materials. Traditionally SOFCs need platinum-coated electrodes, which can beboth expensive and


Boeing Subsidiary Begins Production Of 39.2% Efficient Solar Cells $BA

The Boeing Co. says that Spectrolab, a wholly owned subsidiary, hasstarted mass production of its newest terrestrial solar cell, the C3MJ+. With an average conversion efficiency of 39.2%, C3MJ+ will be theindustry’s highest-efficiency cell, according to the company. The concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) cells draw on Spectrolab’s 50-yearhistory of manufacturing solar cells for space and terrestrialapplications


Quantum Dots to Transform LED Displays and Solar Cells

After discovering plasma TVs account for10 percent of power bills, the new energy standards in Californiarequire TVs to halve their power consumption by 2013. In order to becompliant with these new standards, TVs themselves need to be made moreenergy efficient… And thanks to a young company from Manchester, England, this will be possible. Nanoco Group


Screen-printable Solar Cells from Oxford Photovoltaics

Eco Factor: Dye-sensitive solar cell uses screen printing technology to affix them onto windows. The future says “print solar cells onto your window and producegreen energy.” Oxford Photovoltaics has developed solar cells that canbe printed directly onto glass to make power-generating windows. TheOxford University-affiliated group has won over $150,000 prize moneyfrom the U.K. Technology Strategy


TrendForce: Price of Solar Cells to Drop 8-12 Cents in Q4

Affected by the forecasted declining market demand in the firsthalf of 2011 and the current severe cold weather in Europe, TrendForce,the research institute, indicates that the price of solar cells in thefourth quarter of 2010 may decrease by 8-12 percent to $1.21/perWatt?$1.26/per Watt. According to TrendForce’s survey, theaverage price quote of solar cells in September


MIT Researchers Create Flexible Paper-thin Solar Cells

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology haveunveiled the early results of a new research project sponsored byItalian oil company Eni. The project includes the development ofpaper-thin solar cells that can be used as window covers or as roofcoatings. The paper solar cell unveiled is able to generate enough current tolight a small LED display.

Student Research Team Creates the Most Efficient Solar Energy Cells Yet

Solar Energy. We use it to power homes, vehicles, aircraft, andsatellites in our never ending quest to find the most efficient means of harnessing the sun’s power. However, where solar energy has hugepotential and continues to prove itself in various fields, the constantproblem of solar cells degrading over time or being less efficientcompared to the


LDK Solar Reaches Agreement With Q-Cells $LDK

LDK Solar has reached an agreement with Q-Cells SE regarding an existing solar wafer supply contract that the two companies enteredinto in December 2007. LDK Solar has agreed to an early repayment of the prepayment of $244.5 million that Q-Cells made pursuant to thesupply agreement. Under the new agreement, LDK Solar will repay theprepayment in

Q-Cells and ATS to accelerate solar growth in Ontario

Q-Cells SE, one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) companies in the worldproviding solar power plants, modules and cells, and ATS AutomationTooling Systems Inc., a leading global provider of innovative, customdesigned, turnkey manufacturing solutions, and through Photowatt, anintegrated manufacturer and developer of solar systems, have established a joint venture for the development of large scale renewable


Ink in Solar Cells?

When you think of solar cells, you most likely don’t think of ink as an important component. However, Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. (OTC: APNT) has just received $1.6 million from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to create a pilot program for manufacturing and commercializingink to be used in metallic conductor layers on thin silicon

Q-Cells, ATS Establish Ontario Joint Venture

Q-Cells SE and ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. have established a joint venture for the development of large-scale renewable energy projects inOntario. The companies are working with Photowatt, an integratedmanufacturer and developer of solar systems. ATS and Q-Cells each hold a 50% interest in the project development company Ontario Solar PV Fields Inc., which received