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Smart Building Industry: Ready to Launch

Smart Building Industry: Ready to Launch

With the introduction of “smart grid” technology, much of the attention has been focused on how new products will help households become more energy efficient. And while consumer-based smart technologies are great tools to help the everyday person reduce their carbon footprint, it is even more impactful when used by industries on a large scale.


NY Times: “Clean Car Boom” is Here

As we noted the other day, “this is a good time to be in the business of selling electric vehicles.” Why?  Three main reasons: 1) more choice; 2) lower electric vehicle prices; and 3) higher gasoline prices. All of this has resulted in “sales of electric cars hav[ing] more than doubled in the U.S. during


Whoa Dude: Cellphones Running on Acid

Physicist Florian Nitze at the Umeå University, Sweden, has developed several new catalysts that improve the capacity of the fuel cells, making it possible to use relatively environmentally friendly formic acid in fuel cell powering your mobile phone or laptop. Helical formed carbon nanofiber. (Credit: Umeå University) Fuel cells are different from batteries in that


FUTUREWATCH: Flexible Cell Phones from Samsung

Flexible cell phone displays are on the horizon. Samsung is planning to start production of mobile phones that feature plastic displays rather than glass in 2013- that will be lighter, durable and possibly even less expensive than current cell phones on the market. The company is planning to use a plastic material instead of glass,


PowerSkin for Smartphones

Smart phones are everywhere. They have become as essential as oxygen for working individuals as these phones help us stay connected and bow down to many demands that crop up in this fast paced world. This has further pressurized designers and companies to come up with reliable portable power solutions to ensure that these smart


How To: Build A Solar Cellphone

You have to make call, it’s urgent. And you see your cell phone battery has run out of charge. That’s very annoying. With no nearby cellphone charger you might feel like tearing hairs apart or kicking in your own rear badly. Don’t worry; many of us felt the same way several times in our life.


Nokia Tests Solar for Cell Phones $NOK

Finnish cell phone giant Nokia is on a mission to find out how to apply solar power technology to cell phone technology. The company started a project in June called Nokia Solar Charging Project which is coming to its conclusion at the end of September. It sent a group of people on the road so


9 of the Coolest Solar Cell Phone Concepts

An electrical device which directly converts the light energy into electricity through the photovoltaic effect is known as a solar cell or photovoltaic cell. Assemblies of cells known as solar panels are used for making solar modules which capture the solar energy from the sunlight and then generate the solar power. This is an example


The 5 Greenest Cell Phones

These days there is a buzz to save the environment with many people joining the green bandwagon. If you also want to do your bit for environment, then you can do that by using eco friendly cellphones, which are less harmful to environment. Here are the names of 5 eco friendly cellphones.   1. Samsung

Scosche Debuts solBAT II Solar Cellphone Charger

Withan increase in the number of gadgets in our electronic gear,manufacturers around the world are coming up with devices that help ourgear running in a clean manner. Scosche Industrieshas announced the availability of its solBAT II solar-powered chargerand battery backup device that can work with almost any handled devicethat supports USB charging. Thedevice harnesses clean

Solar-Powered Mobile Script Concept Cellphone

Industrial designer Aleksander Mukomelovis trying to make use of the latest advancements in technology,including flexible displays in a hi-tech cellphone dubbed the MobileScript. The cellphone is designed to offer mobility, constant internetaccess, access to documents, games and give the best in terms of meansof communication and contact. Thecellphone carries two touchscreens – a rigid small


Samsung debuts solar-powered cellphone for budget-conscious users

The Mobile World Congress saw cellphone manufacturers unveiling the futuristic devices, where Samsung and LGtook the front benches by unveiling their solar-powered fantasies.Though the devices are still to make it to the shelves, Samsung hastried to become the first once again by launching a solar-poweredcellphone designed specifically for green-minded users who don’t wantto spend much