24 Oct

Silicon Supercapacitor Built by Researchers


Researchers at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville propose a novel silicon supercapacitor design. Such supercapacitor …

27 Aug

In Focus: The Evolution of the Cell Phone

Cleantech, Applied

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the first cell phone call, and one would …

29 May

Whoa Dude: Cellphones Running on Acid

The Daily Fusion

Physicist Florian Nitze at the Umeå University, Sweden, has developed several new catalysts that improve …

18 Dec

Will Future Cell Phones Save Flexible Solar?

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, also known as CIGS solar cells are enabling a new suite of flexible applications …

24 Apr

Microsoft Patents A Display For the Back of Your Phone


How would you like to turn the back of your smartphone into a screen as …

17 Dec

The 6 Coolest Eco Cellphone Concepts of 2011


Cellphones have revolutionized the way we communicate. Technology has made big leaps and this has …

14 Aug

Self Charging Cell Phones of the Future


As smart phones get loaded with more applications and sharper displays, a phone user is …