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The Business Case for BIPV

The Business Case for BIPV

NanoMarkets has released a preview from its upcoming report titled, "The Business Case for Building Integrated Photovoltaics" that will bereleased the week of December 27, 2010. NanoMarkets believes the photovoltaics industry is at a crossroads. A combination of factors now threatens to return the PV industry back to little more than a nichemarket. At the


LDK Arbitration Award Upheld In Helios Solar Case $LDK

LDK Solar Co. Ltd. says the Venice Court of Appeal has declared that the international arbitration award made in London by the InternationalCourt of Arbitration in the proceedings between LDK Solar andItaly-based Helios Technology SPA is valid, effective and enforceable in Italy. The Venice Court of Appeal upholds that the "take or pay" clause in

Solar iPad Case by Seo Eul Hwa

iPad, the new class of sleek device between a smartphone and laptophas become the “Apple” of everyone’s eye in the technology arena. Youcertainly wouldn’t want that smooth surfaced delicate Apple pie slipping out of your sweaty hands. A Korean designer, Seo Eul Hwa brings to you a perfect solution to keep your iPad from sputtering


Industry Makes Case for a Strong National Renewable Electricity Standard

Adiverse group of renewable energy companies and industry associationscame together on Feb. 4 in Washington, D.C. to press the case for astrong national renewable electricity standard, or RES. We all knowthat utilizing our abundant domestic renewable energy sources providesimportant environmental and energy security benefits, but this groupwas there to highlight the jobs benefit of greater

Researchers at CASE Develop Glass-based Solar Generating System

Researchers at The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology(CASE) have developed a unique concentrating system that is pleasing tothe eye as well. The system is made using rows of pyramid-shaped glassreceptors that move with sunlight throughout the day. Thepyramid shape allows the structure to concentrate sunlight on a smallphotovoltaic cell located in the center of


The Case for Cleantech Manufacturing: Another Angle

China’s exports surged in December and imports rose to a record in astronger-than-forecast trade rebound that may lessen the need for its$600 billion stimulus program. Exports climbed 17.7 percent from a yearearlier, the first increase in 14 months, and imports jumped 55.9percent, according to Bloomberg reports. Year-on-year comparisons areaffected by the tumble that began in

Knipex Introduces Tool Case For PV Applications

Knipex, a Wuppertal, Germany-based developer and producer of pliers, has expanded its product lineto include a solar case for photovoltaic applications. The casecontains VDE-insulated cable shears, an insulation stripper speciallydesigned for solar cables and precision crimping pliers. Thecrimping dies for the pliers can be ordered separately as needed forthe standard connector models from Huber &

The Case for Saving Blue Carbon

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has spearheaded a significant new study, the Blue Carbon Report, exploring the role of the ocean’s  carbon capture and storage  systems, which have suffered serious damage as a result of climate change. The world’s oceans, seas and marine ecosystems, such as seagrass, saltmarshes and coastal wetlands, are daily absorbing and removing largequantities of carbon from the

Novothink debuts first Apple-licensed solar charging case

Novothink,a global manufacturer of energy alternative electronic devices, hasannounced the release of Solar Surge, the first Apple-licensed solarcharger case for the iPod touch. The smartly-designed, hybrid solarcharger case enables anyone to power up from the sun while carryingtheir iPod. The company will also be releasing the Solar Surge for theiPhone 3G and 3GS later this


Energy policy and American values

AndArizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the solar jobs bill, SB1403, intolaw, and a great cry of joy and happiness was heard throughout the land. Especially in Arizona. And, OK, in The Phoenix Sun. Did we get carried away? Granted, we did run eleven storiesabout SB1403, tracking it through committee hearings in the Arizonastate legislature, and

Solar and LEED 2009: An Old Challenge in A New System

Cost/benefit analysis is certainly nothing new.  Leed 2009 NCadds a new twist when your design team compares maximum LEED pointsagainst maximum potential energy savings from on-site solar. Project budgets are especially tight in the current economicdownturn, and a ‘least cost’ point strategy may be attractive.  LEED2009 reduces the energy cost savings required per solar point,