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The Case for Renewable Energy Mini-Grids

The Case for Renewable Energy Mini-Grids

Two of the heaviest hitters within the international development world, the United Nations and the World Bank, recently came together to underscore their efforts to activate financing dedicated to delivering modern energy access by 2030 to the 1 in 5 people currently living without electricity. World Bank President Jim Kim made it clear that an additional $600-800 billion a year


In Focus: Energy Infrastructure’s Future

Transmission lines hold much of the same challenge and promise of the interstate highway system a century ago. The transmission network – the high voltage, long distance power lines that carry electricity from power facilities and into communities – is currently a patchwork system, lacking centralized organization or planning. Assuming that America cannot achieve 100% clean

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The 3 Greenest Celebrities in the World

 Image by Smith We all like to know we’re doing our bit to help the environment, but what about the big stars on this planet? We might not be able to make a huge difference ourselves but surely, with all that money they can really make a difference? Here are top three celebrities who, in


The Plot Thickens: China to Investigate U.S Polysilicon Trading Practices

This is what it sounds like when the other shoe drops. Last year SolarWorld Americas and the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) launched a campaign against China’s silicon-based photovoltaics trading practices. That’s resulted in two preliminary Commerce Departmentrulings imposing tariffs on imports of Chinese-made silicon photovoltaics, some higher than 200 percent. Yesterday (July 19)


Will Chinese Solar Tariffs Increase Domestic Costs?

While the proposed tariffs on China-manufactured solar panels aim to increase competitiveness for US panels, Lux Research predicts they will just drive costs upward on all solar panels. “It’s not going to have a positive impact on the solar market,” said Fatima Toor, an analyst with Lux Research, an independent research and analytics firm. Solar industry


Profiting from the Current Solar Crisis

The U.S imposition of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on China-made solar cells has brought out unintended beneficiaries and losers. I had explained in an earlier post that US-based polysilicon factories and solar equipment makers will be hurt due to this decision. They will probably face Chinese government duties on imports of polysilicon and equipment where

China to improve renewable energy financing

Can The New U.S Tariff Benefit Chinese Solar Manufacturers?

Spire Corporation’s Spire Solar unit builds turnkey factory assembly lines for crystalline and thin-film photovoltaic (PV) factories. Roger Little, Spire’s CEO, is looking pretty smart right now. Since early this spring, Little has been predicting a tariff in the 30 percent range would be put on Chinese solar panel imports. On May 17, the U.S.


Chinese Evading Solar Tariffs!

A recent decision to impose substantial anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar cell manufacturers shook the solar world.  The intention of these duties is to prevent unfair “dumping” of Chinese solar products in the US market, which hurts American manufacturers.  Those in opposition to these tariffs feel that they have created anxiety within trade relations and


American Solar Manufacturers Oppose Solar Tariffs

Awaiting a key U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) decision, American solar manufacturers are speaking out against SolarWorld’s campaign to raise tariffs on imported Chinese solar cells. Manufacturers including Dow Corning and Hemlock Semiconductor, GT Advanced Technologies, MEMC, REC Silicon, and Suntech America believe that free trade and global competition are good for the American solar


The Kudo Solar iPad Case

The 4mm thick Kudocase comes with a powerful 10,000 mAh battery. It can also store additional power, which you can use to charge your smartphone, camera or music player. According to the case maker, this solar charger can avail up to ten days of energy with an average use. Kudo has made the iPad case