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BMW Tests Fuel Cell Technology for Future Vehicles

BMW Tests Fuel Cell Technology for Future Vehicles

BMW and Toyota are reportedly close to locking down a deal in which BMW will license future fuel cell technology from Toyota. According to Nikkei, as reported by Reuters, “BMW will use the technology to build a prototype vehicle by 2015, with plans for a market release around 2020.” Reuters reports: The two automakers have been expanding


Electric Vehicles: 35% Cheaper to Maintain

Much ink has been spilled over whether or not electric vehicles are a cost-effective replacement for conventional cars. Considering their high upfront cost, the return-on-investment isn’t exactly a short-term proposition. But a new study reveals that when it comes to basic maintenance, electric vehicles have the distinct advantage of costing a whole lot less to


In Focus: The Big 3 Engine Technologies

Even if you have a decent understanding of how a combustion engine works, you could still be confused by all the buzzwords these various automakers use to differentiate their eco-friendly products from the norm. I could spend all day talking about each manufacturer’s variation – Mitsubishi’s MIVEC, AVCS from Subaru, VANOS by BMW – but


In Focus: Successful Electric Car Cities

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as cities all over the world started recognizing their advantages and introducing initiatives to promote the use of the plug-in transport. Although EVs are still largely considered to be somewhat ‘cars of the future’, there’s a rising global movement committed to making these electric cars a reality of

Saudi Arabia: Using Oil Taxes for Solar Research

Saudi Arabia may be known for its  controversial conservative views and huge oil resources, but little is known about the fact that they are heavily investing in renewable technology that will change the way they use their fossil fuel resources in the future. The use of renewable and clean energy is taking a boom in

Lighter and More Efficient: Ford’s New Carbon Fibre Technology

Detroit automaker Ford has been experimenting with a new carbon fibre technology that could help lower fuel consumption for its customers. The carbon fibre bonnet for the Ford Focus was displayed at the Composites Europe event in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is constructed from the super-strong material usually associated with bespoke racing vehicles or high-performance sports


Tesla S Owners Can Use Supercharge FREE

Tesla Motors’ Model S just got a big leg up on any car—free energy. That’s thanks to the newly unveiled Supercharger network by Tesla Motors. The maker of the Model S will allow its Model S owners to charge their vehicles—for free—with their superfast, solar-powered chargers. The chargers can charge the 85 kilowatt hour Model


Europe Accounts for 70% of Global PV

The solar power sector is a topsy-turvy one, with companies, subsidies and technologies rising and falling. But there’s no question about what region has been driving a market that, overall, continues to grow: It’s Europe. As of the end of 2011, the European Union accounted for 70 percent of the cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity installed


Tesla Announces Supercharger Highway Charging System

In a classic chicken vs. egg scenario, the promise of electric vehicles (EV) has largely gone unfilled.  Auto manufacturers are reluctant to produce electric cards in the absence of sufficient charging infrastructure, and refueling stations remain unwilling to scale up until demand for electric vehicles reaches critical mass. Palo Alto-based Tesla hopes that its newest