02 Oct

6 Really Cool Electric Car Apps

The Daily Fusion

Despite all their environmental benefits, 87 percent of consumers are still skeptical about electric cars, …

01 Oct

The Future of Electric Utilities

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Traditionally, electric utilities have been in the business of providing reliable power to their customers.  …

25 Sep

The 100th Anniversary of the Invention of the ‘Assembly Line’

“Innovation can come in a variety of forms, but it’s particularly powerful when technological innovation …

20 Sep

BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Revealed

The Daily Fusion

The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid was revealed at the Frankfurt motor show last week. This …

06 Sep

Why Electrical Charge Strips Could Revolutionize Superconductivity

The Daily Fusion

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have identified a series …

06 Sep

Nissan Announces Self Driving Cars by 2020


Nissan has been putting a lot of effort into developing green car technology, aiming to …

03 Sep

Why Elon Musk is a ROCKSTAR


The man is a rockstar. A solar superhero. Websters Dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a …

06 Aug

Electric Car Throwdown: BMW vs. Tesla

The Daily Fusion

Tesla motors has company in the luxury electric vehicle market. BMW recently revealed its first …

01 Aug

In Focus: Green Walls


As the modern sustainability movement tightens its tendrils on current design trends, ‘green walls’ (or …

30 Jul

Energy Efficient Transportation Could Save Cities $70 Trillion


Serious investments in improving the energy efficiency of urban transportation systems would have a huge payback for cities around …

24 Jul

Does Congestion Charging Work?

Sophie Webb

In this infographic put together by Car Finance 24/7 we inspect the most controversial topic in transport: …

11 Jul

Tesla Joins Nasdaq 100


Shares of Tesla Motors (Nasdaq: TSLA) hit another record high today, after NASDAQ announced it would join …