04 Jan

Japan Postpones Carbon Emissions Trading Plan


Japan’s national cap-and-trade plan, due to go into effect in 2013, hasbeen postponed or even scrapped because of …

11 Nov

MIT Researchers Develop Green Carbon Nanotubes


The size, strength and electrical properties of carbon nanotubeshave made them an indispensable ingredient in …

02 Nov

Should the EPA regulate Carbon Dioxide Emissions?


Is carbon dioxide a pollutant like lead, mercury, and particulates? Should the EPA regulate it as …

29 Oct

Jigar Shah and the Carbon War Room


Jigar Shah is the CEO of the Carbon War Room in Washington DC, the non-profit …

11 Oct

SunPower joins Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) $SPWRA

Energy Refuge

San Jose-based SunPower has become one of the first solar power companies to submit a …

11 Oct

A Breakthrough in Capturing and Storing Carbon Dioxide?


Researchers from MIT seem to have come up with a breakthrough for how to store …

07 Oct

SunPower to Measure and Report its Carbon Footprint $SPWRA

We talk a lot on this blog about how solar panels can cut monthlyelectricity costs …

28 Sep

Laser Inertial Fusion Energy: A New Approach to Sustainable, Low-Carbon Energy

Cleantech, Applied

Tomorrow I will be at Applied Materials meeting with employees to provide a brief overview …

13 Sep

Conference on Pricing Carbon Emissions

The Green Market Oracle

Wesleyan University, in conjunction with the Price Carbon Campaign, an umbrellaorganization of climate-policy advocates, is …

20 Aug

Carbon Markets To Create Vast Business Opportunities for U.S. Companies


Carbon Credit Capital released an executive report about the prospective businessopportunities that U.S. companies have …

28 Jul

Carbon Curbing: No Hiccups, Please

Cleantech, Applied

With last week’s withdrawal of the climate bill, many punditshave opined that now is the …

20 Jul

How Big is a Solar Panel’s Carbon Footprint?

Energy Boom

People are quick to point out that solarpanels have a carbon footprint that enthusiasts often …