15 Jan

Did You Know? Individuals Can Buy And Trade Carbon Credits


One of the little-known facts about cap-and-trade is that individuals are allowed to buy and …

14 Jan

China’s Air Pollution at Insane Levels


Chinese media has taken a stand on air pollution in China by calling on the …

06 Dec

The History of Carbon and Respective Responsibilities

The Green Market Oracle

There are massive disparities between the developed and developing world that compound the issue of …

15 Nov

California: The Cap-and-Trade Leader

The Green Market Oracle

On Wednesday November 14, California held its first auction to sell carbon credits. For six …

08 Nov

Massive Carbon Cuts Needed by 2050 to Avoid Environmental Disaster


A report released by PWC, which examines the progress of different countries in reducing their …

02 Nov

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Cells Made From Carbon


Stanford University researchers have built a solar cell made completely from carbon, which will make solar much …

26 Oct

Does Google Have A “Breakthrough Biofuel” Up It’s Sleeve?


Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been successfully testing a breakthrough biofuel at its headquarters in Mountain …

11 Oct

Lighter and More Efficient: Ford’s New Carbon Fibre Technology


Detroit automaker Ford has been experimenting with a new carbon fibre technology that could help …

25 Sep

China/EU Battle Carbon Emissions


One of the world’s largest economic powerhouses has reportedly struck a deal with the European …

07 Sep

Royal Dutch Shell Testing CCS Project at Canadian Oil Sands


International energy giant, Royal Dutch Shell, is going ahead with the first carbon capture and …

31 Aug

Obama Targets Industrial Energy Efficiency

Greentech Media

The White House signed an executive order on Thursday calling for an additional 40 gigawatts …

30 Aug

Envision Solar: Modularizing Their Solar Tree


Envision Solar has taken a bold step forward in modularizing its iconic Solar Tree design. …