06 Jul

University of Twente’s Solar Car will enhance sunlight for more power


The 10th World Solar Challengehas already made many universities unveil their solar-powered cars,with which they …

26 Jun

Delft University readies Nuna5 for the World Solar Challenge 2009


The defending champion team from the Delft University of Technology is looking forward to winning …

25 Jun

Bionamic gets powered by millions of body-mounted solar cells


Theenhancement in solar technology has made it possible for car designersto incorporate tiny solar modules …

22 Jun

Curves Are Key To Solar Cars

Greentech Media

Gloriaand a major European automaker have signed an MOU, all thanks toGloria’s design of a …

19 Jun

Solar Jackets makes Audi TT run on solar electricity


Originally a not-so-green car, Audi TT has been given a green makeover by members of …

11 Jun

Electric Cars Using Solar Panels For Alternative Energy

Solar Knowledge

Solar energy is being used for Toyota electric carswith solar panels mounted on each end …

10 Jun

Solar Fan keeps you cool on solar energy


Usingsolar energy for portable devices not just makes you green but alsokeeps you away from …

26 May

Peugeot 5001 SOOL runs completely on solar energy


Drawinginspiration from Formula1cars, Swiss designer Ralph Kaeppeli has comeup with a futuristic car that is …