23 Nov

Chevy Volt Wins “Green Car of the Year” at LA Auto Show

Energy Boom

The Green Car Journal recently named its 2011 Green Car of the Year (GCOY) award …

05 Oct

Lotus Showcases Electric Concept Car


Lotus has unveiled a new economical urban car at the Paris MotorShow that features a …

27 Sep

The Solar Car Arc Generator Shelter


The Car Arc presents itself as a sun shading and energy generatingmechanism for electric vehicles. …

16 Sep

Solar Manufacturing ships largest vacuum car bottom furnace to China

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Solar Manufacturing has shipped the largest vacuum car bottom furnaceever manufactured to Baoji Titanium Industry …

13 Sep

The “Start and the Electric Eco-Car Spectacular” Party

The Green Market Oracle

The Prince of Wales is hosting a 12 day party called "Start: A Garden Party …

24 Aug

For The Irie Driver: Electric Car With Hemp Seats


Doing drugs bad, since it directly ruins your health and indirectly theenvironment and shortens the …

30 Jul

Seat Flexus Concept Car by Raphael Morais


The urban world of tomorrow not only needs vehicle that are poweredby clean energy, but …

08 Jul

‘Car of Light’ Utilizes Solar, Electric


Inspired by the effects of light on human senses and the shape ofobjects, vehicle designer …

06 Jul

Palestine’s First Solar Electric Car


While automakers are searching for alternative energy generatorsthat can be incorporated in electric vehicles to …

02 Jul

Fiat to Add Solar Panels on Car Roofs


Fiat has collaborated with Irish solar manufacturer SolarPrint todevelop low-cost photovoltaic modules that can be …

17 Jun

Solar Powered Touch Down Concept Car


Touch Down is a futuristic car concept which provides you a glimpseof what a green …

09 Jun

PrISUm Solar Car Introduced by Iowa State University Students


Iowa StateUniversity students have once again proved their potential bydeveloping yet another solar-powered vehicle that …