23 Nov

Solar Savings Used to Fund Teachers Salaries in California

AtisSun Solar Insider News

California is one of the top solar states in the United States, and it is …

15 Nov

California: The Cap-and-Trade Leader

The Green Market Oracle

On Wednesday November 14, California held its first auction to sell carbon credits. For six …

12 Nov

Cap And Trade: U.S Bound by 2016?

The Energy Fix

Think the U.S. could use tens of billions of dollars of brand new revenue to …

07 Nov

Schwag, Brah: California Medical Weed Farms Hurting The Environment

Climate Progress

In California’s Emerald Triangle, the nation’s largest area for growing medical marijuana, federal anti-drug laws …

01 Nov

California: Vote Yes on Prop 39

Founder's Blog

Amidst the multitude of measures on next Tuesday’s ballot, Proposition 39 has garnered little media …

24 Oct

LADWP Updates FiT Status

Founder's Blog

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) has released an update on the …

23 Oct

The California Canopy House by Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen

The California Canopy House was designed to embrace Southern California’s sunny temperate climate. As a …

15 Oct

Solar Junction Achieves 44% Solar Cell Efficiency


A California-based company has broken its own world record in solar cell efficiency. Solar Junction …

15 Oct

Solyndra: Solar’s Poster Child For Failure

TaeWoo Kim

If solar industry had a poster child for failure, Solyndra is to solar as Jared …

15 Oct

Mexican President Felipe Calderon Inaugurates Large Scale Solar Plant


Mexican President Felipe Calderon inaugurated a large-scale solar power plant that he touted as the …

07 Oct

Los Angeles Plans Cleantech Complex


A developer plans to turn a former school bus manufacturing plant in downtown Los Angeles into a …

05 Oct

Can Vivint be the Biggest U.S Solar Installer in 2013?


  Following on the heels of the announcement that Vivint would be purchased by Blackstone …