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The California Carbon Challenge

The California Carbon Challenge

Next10, which develops online tools that help people gain a deeper understanding of complex issues, has released the California Carbon Challenge. The idea is to simulate the tough choices policymakers face in how to address climate change. It allows people to choose strategies to cut the state’s carbon emissions through an interactive game and get feedback


New Project Will Forecast Solar Generation

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded $1.7 million to a partnership between Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Cool Earth Solar Inc. (CES) to conduct a community-scale renewable energy integration demonstration project at the Livermore Valley Open Campus. The central idea of the project is to use solar forecasting to make photovoltaic power generation more


SolarCity Raises $500M

SolarCity (Nasdaq: SCTY), a provider of distributed energy, just announced a $500 million lease financing agreement with Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS). That translates to more than 100 megawatts of solar power. The combined lease is the largest of its kind for U.S. residential rooftops. SolarCity allows consumers to get electricity from grid-tied solar rooftops at


12 Misleading Myths About Solar Power

Solar energy is a dynamic and continuous energy source that many believe will one day provide most of our energy needs. Unfortunately, conventional energy industries like big oil have giant backers with deep pockets and have successfully leveraged their money to smear renewable technologies. Their main target seems to be solar. It’s important to know


In Focus: The Chemicals in Chicago’s Air

Scientists have found that Chicago’s air is infested with chemicals courtesy of airborne compounds that are traveling as far as the Arctic. The chemicals, called cyclic siloxanes, are toxic to aquatic life. Where do they come from? From chemicals in deodorants, lotions and conditioners. “These chemicals are just everywhere,” said Keri Hornbuckle, an engineering professor at the


NREL Gets 2nd Solar Canopy

The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) now has a second Envision Solar International Solar Tree array at its Vehicle Testing and Integration Facility. Envision completed the installation of the solar EV charging canopy at NREL’s Golden, Colo. facility in mid-April. “I’m proud that we have been chosen again by NREL. They are delighted the


Google “Advises” Utility Companies to Use Renewable Energy

As North Carolina works on destroying its Renewable Portfolio Standard – the policy that’s catapulted it to US leadership – Google is showing how important renewables are to economic development there. Google is planning to expand its data center there, bringing its investment to $1.2 billion, and it wants renewable energy to power it. “They are


In Focus: The Resale Value of Solar Homes

If your home has a solar energy system, how does this translate into value for a potential buyer when the house is “For Sale”? Today, whenever you purchase a product that uses energy, information provided by Energy Star Label is available to make comparisons. However, there is no standardized approach to assess these features for


In Focus: Battery University

Energy storage could become big business in the US, but emerging businesses can’t find people with the necessary skills, so San Jose State University is starting Battery University this summer. About 100 local experts are composing the curriculum, which will focus on developing cost-effective technologies for electric cars, renewable energy, smartphones and laptops, says a blog in the NY Times.


California Initiative End Won’t Stop Solar

As the California Solar Initiative steps toward its end, at least one solar developer isn’t concerned about the impact fewer incentives could have on the industry. “The program was very, very well designed,” said Alan Lee, founder of EcoSolargy, a full-service solar development firm. “And right now we’re closing in on the end of it.”


Foxconn Goes Solar

Infamous Foxconn, best known for the deplorable working conditions for Chinese workers that make Apple’s iPod and other products, is intent on developing a strong presence in the solar industry. The company first announced this decision in 2011 at the height of overcapacity in the industry. The last thing that was needed was a big new player that would bring


Interactive Map of Los Angeles Electricity Use

A new energy map of Los Angeles developed at UCLA lets residents find how much electricity the average customer in their neighborhood uses, see how a neighborhood’s energy use relates to its average income level and track energy use over time. The map, released by UCLA’s California Center for Sustainable Communities, is the most highly interactive map of