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Michael Jantzen’s California Food and Agriculture Pavilion

Michael Jantzen’s California Food and Agriculture Pavilion

This pavilion proposal was created as a tourist attraction for the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Its design is intended to sustainably celebrate the great diversity, and the future of food production in the state of California. The shape of the large concrete structure was based on a contour map of a California hill. Various


60 Minutes Disses Cleantech Industry

You would think CBS’s 60 Minutes would have learned from its recent Bengazi debacle, but apparently not – evidenced by this Sunday’s extremely poor and inaccurate report, this time on the Cleantech Industry. After being pleasantly surprised that 60 Minutes would begin 2014 with a segment on Cleantech, it immediately became clear that the only purpose of the “Cleantech Crash” was to bash the industry. With a tone


Solar Stats: Biggest and Best of 2013

This year was the first time someone could use the words “solar” and “mainstream” in the same sentence and be taken seriously. It’s still too early to call solar PV a truly mainstream energy technology, but as GTM Research VP Shayle Kann recently pointed out, it’s getting close. And there a lot of factors to consider


The “Put Solar On It” Campaign from Mosaic

This is a momentous time for solar energy. A new solar system is installed every 4 minutes in America.  Panels are 99% cheaper than they were 30 years ago.  The total solar capacity installed in the U.S. in 2013 will power nearly 1 million homes. And it’s easier than ever for you to go solar. Mosaic seeks to empower


Solar Blogging Your Way To Abu Dhabi (this January)

Hey SolarFeeds Reader! We’ve featured articles about Masdar in the past and are once again excited to help promote Masdar’s 2014 blogging contest. It only requires a short 500-600 word entry on how cities will play a critical role in driving sustainability, and who knows, your brief submission could help shape sustainable development in major


Happy 1st Birthday: California’s Cap-and-Trade

On the one-year anniversary of California’s carbon market, the results are in – it is a success. The program has raised an impressive $1.4 billion for California. Half of that funds renewable energy projects and cutting emissions, including $130 million specifically destined for low-income communities. As complex as it is to start a cap-and-trade program, all five


SolarCity Uses Tesla Batteries for Enterprise Energy Storage

SolarCity is geting into the commercial energy storage business by installing and financing batteries and smart software behind the meter. That could be good news for manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses or schools which can gain more control over their electricity bill. It’s not such good news for smaller competitors such as Stem, Solar Grid


Los Angeles Solar: +29,000 Jobs?

Each year, it seems as if the temperatures in Southern California rise higher, and the summer season becomes even longer. In fact, a couple weeks ago Los Angeles registered highs in the 90s (extremely warm for November). Many scientists claim that increased temperatures are just the first signs of climate change and global warming will


EVERY New Power Plant in October was Solar

Utilities cut the ribbons on several new solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants in October.  And all 530 megawatts of the country’s new electricity capacity is coming from solar plants, according to a recent report from analytics and research firm SNL Financial. While 530 megawatts is about equivalent to a single mid-size natural gas


Apple’s Arizona Plant: 100% Run on Renewables

Apple says its new manufacturing plant in Arizona will run completely on solar and geothermal from day 1. If so, this would be the first US manufacturing plant that runs 100% on on-site renewable energy. They are being cagey about the details, saying only that they will work with Arizona utility, Salt River Project, to “construct a new solar power grid in the


Printing OLEDs and Solar Cells is Now A REALITY

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), Germany, worked together with mechanical engineering company MBRAUN to develop a production facility able to create inexpensive organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) as well as organic solar cells on an industrial scale. Is now possible to print OLEDs and solar cells from solutions containing luminescent organic


Apple Loves Solar

The U.S. Patent and Trademark office just published a patent application for a solar power management system invented by Apple. The patent reveals a solar power panel accessory for Apple’s mobile devices that will not require a power converter. The solar power management system will work with both a power adapter and seamlessly with the


SunPower Expanding Cell Capacity

SunPower had another profitable quarter and is looking to expand its cell capacity. (That is not a sentence we have had the pleasure of writing lately — about any solar company.) “2013 has been a very strong year for SunPower,” said CEO Tom Werner on this afternoon’s Q3 earnings call. The vertically integrated solar firm


Team Austria Discusses Solar Decathalon Victory

What should realistic and affordable — but still beautiful and cool — solar homes for the mass market look like in the future? If the Solar Decathlon team from the Vienna University of Technology has anything to say about it, they’ll be modular social creatures capable of adapting to favorable and unfavorable climates. Team Austria