Off-Grid Solar is Going to be HUGE

Everywhere you look, the off-grid clean energy market is booming. Sub-Saharan Africa is seeing 300 percent compound annual growth in off-grid lighting; Bangladesh is putting up 30,000 to 40,000 solar home systems every month; and d.light, a for-profit seller of solar lights, recently reached its 1 millionth customer. If these numbers haven’t raised the attention of institutional investors, […] Read more

Solar Panels UK Launches Solar ROI Calculator

A leading UK solar power resource website has just launched a new Solar PV Calculator which allows consumers within the UK to explore the potential ROI when installing solar panels. By factoring in the size of the solar panel installation, along with roof pitch and the direction the panels face allows the calculator to […] Read more

Calculating Solar Panel Output

The amount of electricity a solar panel produces depends on three main things: the amount of sunlight hitting the panel, the size of the panel, and the efficiency of the solar cells inside. We’ll break down what you can expect from a typical solar panel, and how that power output compares to the power you […] Read more

Solar Calculator Review

Solar calculators. No, not the handheld device with the solar strip you use to help you pass your algebra tests. Many solar power companies and informational websites display solar calculators to help those interested in solar energy decide the cost and whether it’s worth the investment. Solar calculators can estimate the individual cost of a […] Read more

Solar Savings Calculator

Going solar can help save money on energy bills. In addition, there are several state and federal incentives, such as grants and tax credits that can make solar such a great investment. But just how much money can you save? The number might be surprising. To get an idea of how much savings a solar […] Read more

Play With Our Solar Cost Calculator!

Hey. I’m Annie, GetSolar’s summer intern. As one would hope for anintern here, I like solar panels and playing with numbers. As a result, I think our betacalculator might be the coolest thing since sliced bread. Let meshow you how it works. If you start at the top left hand corner and submit your Customer […] Read more