03 Feb

Tesla Trying to Recall the Recall


Tesla’s big wall charger adapter replacement program is about to get a lot bigger. For one thing, …

27 Jan

Mosaic: Getting The Crowd to Fund Solar Power


Mosaic, which was founded in 2011 but started collecting investors’ cash just this year, is …

20 Jan

Are Home Owners Overpaying for Solar?


A recent analysis of nearly 17,000 projects reported to the California Solar Initiative has revealed …

16 Jan

The 2014 Clean Trillion Report

The Green Market Oracle

More investment is needed to avert the worst impacts of climate change. Without such investments …

15 Jan

Conergy Launches $100M Commercial Solar Fund


Germany’s Conergy, which like SunPower, both manufactures and installs soar arrays, today announced (Jan. 14) …

15 Jan

Google Hearts Wind Power

Green Chip Stocks

Google announced yesterday that it has ponied up $75 million for a wind farm in …

12 Jan

Portland Oregon Launches ‘Solar Forward’ Crowdfunding Effort


Oliver P. Lent Elementary School in Portland, OR is set to receive solar panels in …

07 Jan

60 Minutes Disses Cleantech Industry


You would think CBS’s 60 Minutes would have learned from its recent Bengazi debacle, but apparently not - evidenced …

07 Jan

Intelligent Glass Maker View Raises $100M

Greentech Media

Electrochromic windows, also known as dynamic glass or intelligent glass, are still a boutique productfor buildings. …

20 Dec

The Success of SolarCity

Green Chip Stocks

Before the company even went public, I devoted plenty of space in this letter to …

20 Dec

Solar Stats: Biggest and Best of 2013

Greentech Media

This year was the first time someone could use the words “solar” and “mainstream” in …

06 Dec

Obama to Triple Governement Renewable Energy Use by 2020


President Obama used to campaign on his theme of hope and change.  Despite numerous political …