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Fuel Cells That Power Buildings

Fuel Cells That Power Buildings

Besides moving forward in transportation, fuel cells are also making headway powering buildings, especially if “The Cube” makes it successfully to market. Maryland-based Redox Power Systems, which is developing The Cube, thinks it has the answer. The company, which started up last year, is commercializing University of Maryland technology that could potentially be game-changing for distributed energy.


In Focus: Solar vs. Utilities

Recently-amended energy bill, AB 327, awaits signature from Governor Brown Just a couple of months ago, California Assembly Bill 327 was met with fierce criticism from solar advocates throughout California. It was this rallying cry of opposition, however, that ultimately resulted in key revisions to this bill, making it a step in the right direction


Solar for New Homes: Gonna Be Huge

We said it before — specifically, last month — and now we’re saying it again: New homes in the future will be ever more frequently solar powered. Last month, we published a look at how KB Home is one of the big homebuilders that see solar as popular and increasingly affordable option for new homes.


New York Announces “Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center”

In an interesting switch, a 113-year-old building in Albany, New York is being transformed into a “Smart Cities” hub. What once served as the city’s center for train transportation will soon house companies that are developing technologies for cities in the future. Smart city technologies include technologies that make cities safer, more efficient and resilient: smart devices and sensors, software that monitors and improves traffic flow and protects vital infrastructure (bridges,


Here Come The Solar Drones

Solar-powered drones might have the ability to replace certain types of satellites. Titan Aerospace presented its Solara 50 and Solara 60 prototypes at the Association of Unmanned Systems International conference in Washington, D.C. earlier this month and offered up an interesting new use for drones. Rather than the spying or killing contraptions exclusively useful to


Transparent Solar Cells: Efficiency Rising

UCLA researchers have developed a two-layer, transparent solar film for windows, sunroofs, tablet and smartphone displays to harvest energy from the sun. This group nearly doubled the efficiency of their record-breaking solar cell from last year in their latest accomplishment. The research was published online July 26 by Energy & Environmental Science, a Royal Society


Wood as a Green Material

Man-made materials – glass, steel and concrete – carry the day in modern building design. Architects are fascinated by the possibilities offered by these material, we can build what was never possible before: structures of fantastical shapes, great heights, colossal spans.  And in all the excitement, we let fall by the wayside one of the


Top 5 Materials for your Green Home

If you’re designing your dream home and you like to keep an eye on your carbon footprint, you might be concerned about the impact of all your construction plans. But don’t despair! There are steps that you can take to limit your emissions and minimise the effect that your new home has on the environment.


Singapore: Eco-Home Growth Exploding

With the alarming rate of pollutants in the environment, everything is being substituted these days with its ‘eco-friendly’ version. Whether it is transportation, painting colours for children or the house constructing material, the smart minds of the world are trying their best to minimize the effect of green house gases in the environment as much


Louisiana’s Solar Boom: Just Getting Started

Louisiana’s solar market presents a baffling study of what happens when market forces come face-to-face with ideology, geography and demographics.  Like most of the country, Louisiana has benefited from the more than 40% drop in average PV panel prices last year.  By most accounts, this trend will continue despite the US Commerce Department’s proposed tariffs


In Focus: The Green Schools Alliance

In response to Mayor Bloomberg’s challenge to New York City (NYC) institutions to reduce their carbon footprint 30 percent by 2030, on October 11, 2007, 46 schools gathered at the Allen-Stevenson School in NYC to explore solutions to climate change. After this meeting, with support from the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability,