19 Nov

Shale Gas: The Next Bubble to Burst?


The “shale revolution” has been grabbing a great deal of headlines for some time now. …

14 Oct

Solar: A Great Hedge Against Hyper-Inflation

Solar Southwest Florida

Many economists think that a financial Armageddon is on the horizon in the United States …

11 Jan

Shale Gas and Oil: Bubble Building?

Scaling Green

In recent years, we’ve seen what happens when gigantic speculative “bubbles” build up, whether in …

04 Jun

The Green Jobs Bubble

The Green Light Distrikt

There’s going to be a Green Jobs backlash.  There…I said it. Themanufacturing plant that closed …

07 Oct

Is Cleantech The Next Bubble?

Trader Mark

Judging by the reaction to recent IPO A123 Systems (AONE) [Sep 24: A123 Systems – …

17 Aug

Green Bubble?

The Green Market Oracle

A bubbleis defined as "the phenomenon of rising share prices amid a mood ofgeneral euphoria, …