05 Mar

Transparent Colorful Solar Cells Have Arrived!

The Daily Fusion

Transparent, colorful solar cells invented at the University of Michigan could one day be used …

03 Mar

Superabsorbing Design = Cheaper Thin Film Solar Cells?

The Daily Fusion

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a “superabsorbing” design that may significantly improve …

07 Jun

Stanford Scientists Create Low-Cost Zinc-Air Battery

The Daily Fusion

A new zinc-air battery developed by the Stanford scientists could prove to be a low-cost …

21 May

A Breakthrough or Just Another PV Module?

CleanEdison Blog

“In the day”, I was sent to Siemens Photovoltaic Cell manufacturing plant in Santa Barbara to …

13 Mar

Quantum Dot Solar Cell Efficiency Breakthrough Announced

The Daily Fusion

Quantum dot solar cells, an emerging field in solar cell research that uses quantum dots …

21 Feb

Next Generation Lithium Ion Battery Developed at USC


Researchers at USC, , according to recently published research in Nano Research, have “developed a new lithium-ion …

07 Feb

Top 5 Recent Renewable Energy Breakthroughs


We are currently on the frontier of green energy. Scientists have been busy researching and …

20 Aug

Quantum Dot Solar Breakthrough at University of Toronto


Quantum dots (also known as nanocrystals) have certain electronic properties, which we can use to …

25 May

HyperSolar Announces Hydrogen Generation Breakthrough


HyperSolar has announced that it has successfully developed its breakthrough proof of concept prototype that …

22 May

Battery Breakthrough from NTS Works?


NTS Works Inc referring to company initials Neal Tate Saiki, originator of Zero Motorcycles Inc …

16 May

Liquid Metal Battery Breakthrough?

Scaling Green

I’m always skeptical when I read a story about a promising new technology that might …

16 Apr

Breakthrough Rivals Speed of Natural Photosynthesis


Artificial photosynthesis has always remained us of the ‘Holy Grail’ of sustainability oriented research, especially …