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Transparent Colorful Solar Cells Have Arrived!

Transparent Colorful Solar Cells Have Arrived!

Transparent, colorful solar cells invented at the University of Michigan could one day be used to make stained-glass windows, decorations and even shades that turn the sun’s energy into electricity. The cells, believed to be the first semi-transparent, colored photovoltaics, have the potential to vastly broaden the use of the energy source, says Jay Guo,


Superabsorbing Design = Cheaper Thin Film Solar Cells?

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a “superabsorbing” design that may significantly improve the light absorption efficiency of thin film solar cells and drive down manufacturing costs. The superabsorbing design could decrease the thickness of the semiconductor materials used in thin film solar cells by more than one order of magnitude without compromising the capability


Stanford Scientists Create Low-Cost Zinc-Air Battery

A new zinc-air battery developed by the Stanford scientists could prove to be a low-cost to lithium-ion technology. This battery has higher catalytic activity and durability than similar batteries made with platinum and other costly catalysts. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature Communications. “There have been increasing demands for high-performance,


A Breakthrough or Just Another PV Module?

“In the day”, I was sent to Siemens Photovoltaic Cell manufacturing plant in Santa Barbara to visit with the Southern California Edison customer, document the manufacturing process and take some pictures for my bosses presentation.  It has been years since then and the United States, the once leader in cell manufacturing, has given way to others


Quantum Dot Solar Cell Efficiency Breakthrough Announced

Quantum dot solar cells, an emerging field in solar cell research that uses quantum dots as the absorbing photovoltaic material, could be significantly advanced by a new technique, developed by University of Toronto Engineering Professor Ted Sargent and his research group. In a paper “Jointly-tuned plasmonic-excitonic photovoltaics using nanoshells,” published in the journal Nano Letters,


Next Generation Lithium Ion Battery Developed at USC

Researchers at USC, , according to recently published research in Nano Research, have “developed a new lithium-ion battery design that uses porous silicon nanoparticles in place of the traditional graphite anodes to provide superior performance.” “It’s an exciting research. It opens the door for the design of the next generation lithium-ion batteries,” said Chongwu Zhou, professor at


Quantum Dot Solar Breakthrough at University of Toronto

Quantum dots (also known as nanocrystals) have certain electronic properties, which we can use to convert photons (light particles) into electricity in much the same way as with traditional solar cells. Quantum dot solar cells films, are usually built up by much more inexpensive material if compared to crystalline- or thin film silicon, which is


HyperSolar Announces Hydrogen Generation Breakthrough

HyperSolar has announced that it has successfully developed its breakthrough proof of concept prototype that revolves around producing renewable hydrogen using water and sunlight. The company’s announcement comes on the heels of BlackLight Power’s equally exciting breakthrough around the same time that also involves generating hydrogen but using a different process. HyperSolar’s technology involves integrating


Battery Breakthrough from NTS Works?

NTS Works Inc referring to company initials Neal Tate Saiki, originator of Zero Motorcycles Inc – the prominent electric motorcycle company has disclosed information related to the innovative electric vehicle (EV) battery technology. Post retirement from Zero Motorcycles last year, Neal founded a new company in California, based in Santa Cruz. This company centers around


Liquid Metal Battery Breakthrough?

I’m always skeptical when I read a story about a promising new technology that might change the world, and this story on Treehugger, “Grid-Scale Metal Liquid Batteries Could Revolutionize Renewable Energy Use,” is not necessarily an exception. Still, it’s intriguing to think about the enormous possibilities if this were to come to pass. …the first


Breakthrough Rivals Speed of Natural Photosynthesis

Artificial photosynthesis has always remained us of the ‘Holy Grail’ of sustainability oriented research, especially when it comes to the naturalistic process of harnessing energy. In this regard, scientists from Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology have successfully contrived a catalyst that can split water molecules into oxygen and protons. However, the brouhaha is not


BREAKTHROUGH: Natcore Black Solar Cell Absorbs 99.7% of All Light

There is absolutely no doubt regarding the popularity of solar energy compared to many other forms of alternate energy sources. It is easy to install, is not a visual distraction, a lot more reliable and photovoltaic panels can be pretty much integrated into most surfaces. But, one of the major breakthroughs that will help in

Researchers at Louisiana Tech Create Breakthrough Energy Harvesting Device

Researchers at Louisiana Tech University have successfully fabricated a breakthrough energy harvesting device,which utilizes waste heat energy from electronic gadgets to power them.Dubbed the CNF-PZT Cantilever, the device consists of a carbon nanotubeon a cantilever base of piezoelectric material. The carbon nanotube film absorbs heat and forces the piezoelectriccantilever to bend, which then generates an