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Solar Stocks: Is the Bottom In?

Solar Stocks: Is the Bottom In?

Solar Stocks have made their investors suicidal with drops of of 80-90% from the top common even amongst the biggest solar companies. A number of solar companies like Q-Cells, Solar Millenium, and Solon, which used to be amongst the 10 biggest ones have gone bankrupt. In fact most of the German solar companies have either


Will Solar Stocks Make A Comeback?

With fundamental issues in the solar industry, including oversupply and consolidation, solar stocks are likely to remain at record lows through the end of 2012 and into 2013. Recent news announcements about the US Commerce Department duties on Chinese solar panel manufacturers will likely have short-term negative impacts on Chinese solar stocks, said Adam Krop,


Should You Buy First Solar’s Stock? $FSLR

First Solar Inc.’s fourth quarter 2011 earnings release this week showed that the company is continuing its focus on regrouping then moving forward with a business plan that looks to non-subsidized markets to expand. That may be a good thing, because it announced results shortly after German Ministers announced plans that would sharply reduce solar

Solving Climate Change from the Bottom-Up

By Colin Silver, TGC intern, and Katie Alexander, senior at American University Last month, climate change solutions group 350.org sponsored a worldwide series of events to raise awareness about climate change and motivate citizens and leaders to enact positive change intheir communities. Events ranged from political rallies to communitygardening, and encompassed a variety of strategies

Solar Manufacturing ships largest vacuum car bottom furnace to China

Solar Manufacturing has shipped the largest vacuum car bottom furnaceever manufactured to Baoji Titanium Industry Co. Ltd in Shaanxi, China. Baoji Titanium is the largest producer in China of all types of titanium andtitanium alloy products supplying domestic and international customersin the aerospace, energy, chemical, medical and automotive industries.The furnace will be used primarily for

Bottom Fishing First Solar (FSLR)

Bottom-fishingis always a risky business, but sometimes it is worth a try. This isthe case with First Solar (FSLR) which has printed several profitablebottoms in the past two years. After dropping for 11 consecutive days, FSLR finally managed toclose with a gain on Tuesday. The 3% increase came on volume almost 50%higher than the 3-month