In Focus: DIY Consumption

There is a revolution underway that is transforming consumption. If the twentieth century was marked by hyper-consumption the twenty-first century will be marked by collaborative consumption. This new form of consumption is being facilitated by a wide range of technological innovations. Social media is a great example of technologies that contribute to the new model […] Read more

A Sick Fuel Cell Infographic

UTC Power, a provider of fuel cells, has created an infographc illustrating the real world applications of fuel cells. “Fuel cells are not a futuristic power source, but rather a common and effective source of renewable clean energy”, the company said. Original Article on Energy Refuge

The Best Books on Sustainability

Ignorance is the greatest obstacle preventing the world from collectively engaging the crisis of climate change. That is why information is the most important tool we have to combat climate change. Large scale collective action will only come once people understand the issues and the concomitant solutions. No one epitomized the effort to educate the […] Read more

Top 3 Books for your Clean Energy Library

The academic highlight of my grad program was a directed research thesis with Boston College IS professor, Rob Fichman. Disrupting the Carbon Quo was an exploration of the role innovation economics can play for acomprehensive response to climate change. For a few months, it was myjob to get schooled in energy transitions, up to speed […] Read more