06 Oct

Fuel Cells That Power Buildings


Besides moving forward in transportation, fuel cells are also making headway powering buildings, especially if …

03 Oct

AT&T Doubles Up On Bloom Fuel Cells


AT&T is more than doubling the amount of energy it sources from fuel cells, and …

22 Jun

eBay’s New Data Center: 100% Powered by Bloom Fuel Cells


eBay announced it will power its flagship data center with renewable energy as its primary power source, the …

08 Jun

Bloom Energy Raises Another $150M

Greentech Media

Bloom Energy, Kleiner Perkins’ first cleantech investment, has raised another $150 million, according to VentureWire …

04 May

Bloom Energy Doubles Manufacturing Capacity


Fuel cell maker Bloom Energy has broken ground on a new manufacturing plant in Newark, …

03 Apr

Bloom Energy Fuel Cells Coming to Apple’s NC Data Center


According to a filing, Apple’s 4.8 megawatt fuel cell farm in North Carolina will shortly …

20 Mar

Fuel Cell Technology From Bloom Energy

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

California-based Bloom Energy is developing a different approach to power generation that has already had …

05 Feb

Adobe Orders More Bloom Boxes @ HQ

Greentech Media

Earlier this week Adobe announced that it had added another 400 kilowatts of Bloom Energy …

28 Sep

Adobe Installs 1.2 MW of Bloom Boxes

Greentech Media

If you’ve wanted to see a test case for the Bloom Energy Server, here it …

24 Feb

More Buzz on Bloom Energy

Green Chemicals

My boss told me about this start-up company called Bloom Energy that was featured in …

23 Feb

Bloom Energy on 60 Minutes

Energy Boom

On Sunday, February 21, 60 Minutes did a segment on Bloom Energy and the company’s …

20 Oct

Solar Sunflowers Bloom In Austin

Cleantech, Applied

Oneof the best things about living in Austin, Texas is the sustainable,forward-thinking the city incorporates …