bloom energy

Verizon Makes Huge Clean Energy Investment

Technology giant Verizon is making significant strides toward increasing the use of on-site green energy throughout its national portfolio with plans to finish more than $100 million in clean and renewable energy projects across facilities in seven states by the end of this year. The investment is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by over 15,000 metric tons […] Read more

Bloom Energy Sees Revenue Drop in Q1

Dan Primack of Fortune again has the scoop on revenue at fuel cell “startup” Bloom Energy. And it doesn’t look great. Bloom had $42 million of pro forma revenue and negative $61 million of pro forma operating income in the first quarter of this year, according to documents obtained by Fortune. That’s down significantly from […] Read more

eBay’s New Data Center: 100% Powered by Bloom Fuel Cells

eBay announced it will power its flagship data center with renewable energy as its primary power source, the first company to do so. The company is building the largest non-utility fuel cell installation in the US and although it will be tied to the grid, that’s only for backup. And it will run on biogas from landfills. Most renewable […] Read more

Bloom Energy Raises Another $150M

Bloom Energy, Kleiner Perkins’ first cleantech investment, has raised another $150 million, according to VentureWire as reported in the WSJ. Bloom, founded eleven years ago, builds and sells fuel cells of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) variety. The devices run on natural gas and produce electricity with less emissions than a diesel gen-set. This […] Read more

Bloom Energy Doubles Manufacturing Capacity

Fuel cell maker Bloom Energy has broken ground on a new manufacturing plant in Newark, Delaware, on a 272-acre former Chrysler assembly site. Now bicoastal, Bloom will have double the manufacturing capacity. Last year, it quadrupled capacity at its plant – and headquarters – in Sunnyvale, California, to 210,000 square feet, creating more than 1000 […] Read more

Fuel Cell Technology From Bloom Energy

California-based Bloom Energy is developing a different approach to power generation that has already had a profound impact on the way electricity is produced around the world. Bloom Energy’s technology relies on fuel cells, which use an electrochemical process in which oxygen and fuel (natural gas or biogas) react to produce small amounts of electricity.  […] Read more