Joule Biotechnologies produce usable fuel directly from atmospheric CO2

Joule Technologieshas announced a breakthrough in fuel generation from carbon dioxidepresent in the air. The technology is based on highly engineeredphotosynthetic microbes that thrive of sunlight and CO2 and in returngenerate hydrocarbon fuel of different types. Thetype of fuel produced depends on the kind of organism used, where theend result ranges from ethanol to diesel. […] Read more

Joule Biotechnologies: Using Solar To Convert CO2 Into Bio-fuel

While the race to develop bio-fuel in a cost-effective and sustainable way is heated up, a California-based startup, Joule Biotechnologies is trying to take the lead with a unique process that converts carbon dioxide into liquid biofuel using a solar converter. Theconverter contains an internal broth of gray water, nutrients andunnamed genetically engineered organisms that […] Read more