07 Apr

U.S. Energy Use Increased in 2013

The Daily Fusion

Americans used more renewable, fossil and even nuclear energy in 2013, according to the most recent energy …

10 Feb

Keystone XL vs. Renewable Energy

The Green Market Oracle

A head-to-head comparison demonstrates the superiority of renewable energy over the Keystone XL. If approved, …

07 Feb

Gasoline-Like Fuel From Plant Waste

The Daily Fusion

Gasoline-like fuels can be produced from cellulosic materials such as farm and forestry waste using …

09 Dec

U.S States Renewable Energy Grades [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Green Market Oracle

Where does your state rank? Source: Freeing the Grid 2013

13 Nov

Biofuels for Jet Engines at GE

The Daily Fusion

GE’s Peebles Test Operation and other GE testing sites will soon start to use biofuel …

16 Oct

Renewables vs. Oil and Gas Industry


The oil and gas industry is at the very heart of the global energy market …

01 Oct

Bloomberg Reports Global Solar Surpasses Wind

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that 33.8GW of new onshore wind farms, plus 1.7GW of …

26 Aug

The Ivanpah Solar Plant Virtual Tour

Scaling Green

Recently, I had the opportunity to tour the 370-megawatt Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System near …

26 Aug

Solar Power Deals – Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

Infinite Energy

Making the shift to solar power is an easy decision considering the rapid rise of …

31 Jul

China and UN Make Solar Peace


The ongoing international trade dispute centered on solar imports is getting more complicated. In the …

29 Jul

Solar Leasing Gains Momentum

Greentech Media

Solar leasing gets so many headlines in the clean energy media, it seems like a …

28 Jun

The 2012 Global Solar Energy Leaders


Solar power by country rankings are usually based on total solar capacity and do not …