01 Nov

Solar Power And Your Monthly Utility Bills


The main consideration for an investment in solar power is the peace of mind that …

10 Sep

WOW: GM Loses $50K on Every Volt Produced

Energy Boom

Despite selling a record number of Chevy Volts in August, General Motors is losing money …

07 Mar

How Solar Shading Lowers Utility Bills


For the homeowner looking to reduce utility bills using solar shading solutions, there are a …

22 Jan

Large Bills = Large Solar System

As years go by, the cost of residential solar installations has fallen dramatically. As the …

19 Jan

Extra Electricity Bills Make Solar Look Even Better

Not every family has to worry about owning and maintaining two properties. It is usually …

07 Dec

California Residents Saving Big Money with Solar

Power can prove to be expensive almost anywhere. Whether it comes from electric heating in …

19 Aug

Gov. Quinn Signs Two Bills to Boost Illinois Solar Use

If you browse through the U.S. Solar Industry’s 2009 year in review, you won’t find …

12 Aug

Electric Bills and Oil Spills

Cleantech, Applied

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Google co-hosted a morning program this week entitled “Electric Billsand …

01 Jun

Illinois Bills Could Nudge Solar Energy Forward

Two pieces of legislation that could advance solar energy in Illinois currently rest on Governor …

07 Oct

Markup on Solar Power Bills

The Phoenix Sun

The full House Committee on Science and Technology is scheduled to debate and vote on …

20 Jun

Solar and utility profits: the great debate

Two bills that would improve the affordability and accessibility of solar in California have met …