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03 Mar

Los Angeles Says No to Fracking


On Friday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously for a moratorium on fracking.  Now it goes to …

03 Feb

The Fate of the Keystone XL

The Green Market Oracle

After a seemingly endless round of back and forth between the State Department and the …

21 Jan

BP Energy Outlook 2035

The Daily Fusion

Global energy demand continues to grow but that growth is slowing and mainly driven by …

16 Oct

Renewables vs. Oil and Gas Industry


The oil and gas industry is at the very heart of the global energy market …

06 Mar

Dave Summers: Peak Oil Is Almost Here

This where we stand, and it’s a fairly bleak view: Peak oil is almost here, …

28 Feb

Shell Gives Up on Drilling in Arctic


After experiencing one ridiculous mishap after another, Shell is leaving the Arctic with its tail …

19 Feb

Japan’s Solar Market: Big in Japan


Growth in renewable energy has been proceeding at a frantic pace since Japan’s very generous feed-in tariff …

20 Dec

WTF? Shell Invests in Solar


In an interesting twist, Royal Dutch Shell is investing in solar technology to “more cleanly” …

09 Nov

In Focus: U.S Alternative Energy Subsidies

Kenergy Solar

Subsidies.   We’ve all heard about “energy subsidies” and “oil subsidies” but what are they …

31 Aug

Mitt Romney Loves Fossil Fuels

The Green Market Oracle

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “new” energy plan, relies on 19th century fossil fuel technology. …

30 Aug

EIA: Renewable Energy Growth Increasing Under President Obama

Energy Boom

The latest data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) show that non-hydro renewable sources …

30 Aug

WOW! $775B A Year in Fossil Fuel Subsidies


Global fossil fuel subsidies are estimated at $775 billion to $1 trillion in 2012, reports …