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02 Dec

IBM’s Renewable Energy Cloud in India

Greentech Media

Cloud computing is slowly becoming a part of the way that energy companies and utilities manage …

28 Oct

In Focus: Creating Sustainable Buildings


Over the years, changes in environment have fueled the need to find better ways of …

18 Apr

Facebook Announces Real-Time Data Center Efficiency Stats

Greentech Media

Facebook has just taken a bit of internal data center energy efficiency wizardry and made …

06 Apr

Interactive Map of Los Angeles Electricity Use

The Daily Fusion

A new energy map of Los Angeles developed at UCLA lets residents find how much electricity the …

23 Dec

The Data Monoculture

3000 Quads

For almost a year I have been trying to alert readers to the strong possibility …

20 Dec

Why Power Utilities Love Data Analytics + Smart Grid

Greentech Media

While power utilities like to claim that they employ data analytics, they really don’t. Utilities tend …

06 Dec

Combining Data to Figure out Climate Change

3000 Quads

I apologize once again for the usual reasons. First, for the length of time since …

15 Oct

Open Energy Data: So Big, So Important

Climate Progress

Last month, New York City became the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to publicly post energy …

08 Oct

ECOtality: Crunching EV Charging Big Data Numbers

Greentech Media

Besides being the world’s single largest deployment of EV charging infrastructure in the world, the …

21 Mar

The Data of Cleantech

Greentech Media

Big Data is getting popular, fast. As electric utilities accelerate their smart-grid rollouts, a potentially …

29 Jan

Using Data for Cleantech Marketing

The Green Light Distrikt

In last month’s post “How to Grow Electric Vehicle Sales”, I discussed the importance of …