The California Carbon Challenge

Next10, which develops online tools that help people gain a deeper understanding of complex issues, has released the California Carbon Challenge. The idea is to simulate the tough choices policymakers face in how to address climate change. It allows people to choose strategies to cut the state’s carbon emissions through an interactive game and get feedback […] Read more

Huntington Beach District Breaks Ground on Solar Installation in California

Three elementary schools and two middle schools in southernCalifornia’s Huntington Beach School District will soon receive aportion of their energy via solar power. In total, the school district has partnered with Chevron Solutions to install a 618-kilowatt (kW) system that is expected to account forone-third of the district’s total yearly energy consumption. ChevronEnergy Solutions, which has designed […] Read more

Life’s A Beach with the Solar Beach Ball Energy Generator

Designed by industrial designer Tony Leung, the Beach Ball is aconcept solar energy generating system for Abu Dhabi. The systemfeatures photovoltaic panels contained within an inflatable clear latexmaterial. Once inflated, the latex material forms a ball which isstabilized by the counterweight bottom cap and a base station. The photovoltaic films are weaved into a stretched […] Read more

Laguna Beach Ranks 3rd for Solar Homes in the O.C

In California, San Diego and San Jose lead the way in the GoldenState’s push toward making solar a prevalent source of power throughoutthe state. But at a smaller scale, there’s plenty of variation (andcompetition) among California municipalities. Case in point is Orange County — or, more familiarly, OC. According to data provided by the California […] Read more

Pure Power @ Long Beach Green Festival 2010

FestivalSeason is in full swing here in California, and Pure Power is leadingthe clean power revolution at outdoor events with remote power needs.Pure Power is now sending out  Mobile Solar Power Systems (mobile solargenerators) almost every day, providing amps and amps of clean solarpower. Many festival operators and sponsors are opting for the Hybrid S10System, […] Read more

Charge Your Gadgets on the Beach with Surf Shelter

Designers at HJC Design have unveiled the Surf Shelter concept, which will protectusers from the formidable winds of the British coast and also allow them to recharge their portable electronic devices on renewable energy. The sustainable shelter utilizes a photovoltaic fabric and a windgenerator to provide energy that can be used for playing music andrecharging […] Read more

Review of Long Beach Solar Grand Prix 2010

What could be more heart-pounding than watching custom solar-poweredcars race around a frenzied racetrack? Answer: nothing. That’s whatobservers learned at what’s come to be known as the Solar Grand Prix, held this past weekend in Long Beach, California. Since the end of January, area students have worked to design andbuild their own solar-powered model cars, availing themselves […] Read more

Long Beach, CA Makes A Green Effort

Long Beach, CA is the latest California city to implement a Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Beginning Monday, April 19, theCalifornia Department of Development Services will oversee the programas the Southern California city tries to reduce its total energyconsumption, slash fossil fuel output and make buildings more energyefficient. Energy-efficient products stimulate a solar energy system’sperformance […] Read more

Plans to Power Manhattan Beach With Solar

Solar power has been put to use yet again! This time with a proposal tohave the Manhattan Beach communities soak up the sun to generate power.  According to Manhattan Beach Community Group President Ira Zalcman, 900solar panels fitted on the old and abandoned bathhouse building nearOriental Boulevard will help generate enough energy to meet the […] Read more