28 Jan

Chapter 11 @ Ener1

Energy Boom

On Thursday, lithium-battery developer Ener1, Inc. (NASDAQ: HEV) filed a voluntary petition in the U.S. …

19 Jan

Lithium-Ion Batteries Invade U.S EV Market

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

In today’s market, the best-performing electric and hybrid vehicles are powered by lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. …

16 Dec

Sony’s New Paper-Powered Battery


Ever since the need of sustainable development has been identified as the sole means for …

12 Dec

IBM Wants to Extend Electric Battery Range $IBM

Energy Refuge

Electric vehicles offer a green transportation alternative. There have been great advances in the sector …

18 Oct

Will Fuel Cell Vehicles Ever Rule Our Roads?


A recent Pike Research fuel cell vehicle study revealed that by 2020 total commercial sales …

02 Oct

Prosperity Energy Storage Project: Using Batteries to Solve Solar Intermittency Problems


As President Barack Obama takes heat over one failed solar investment, another funded through the …

30 Aug

A123 Secures Supply Agreement with ALTe $AONE

Clean Energy Intel

Following the company’s recent deal with General Motors (GM), A123 Systems (AONE) has now secured …

24 Aug

Electric Vehicles With No Batteries?


You would be aware of a range of options available for running electrically powered vehicles, …

24 Nov

Toyota Ponders Solid State Batteries $TM

Greentech Media

Toyota recently unveiled a prototype of its all-solid-state battery,the latest entrant in a technology niche …

04 Nov

Ikea Greentech Makes 2.8M Investment in Alelion Batteries

Energy Boom

Swedish furniture maker Ikea announced that its venture capital armhas invested US$2.8 million in Alelion …

02 Nov

International Battery: Developing Batteries for Clean Energy Storage

A number of U.S. companies are leading the charge in developingbetter batteries for use in …

22 Sep

Paper Thin Batteries Developed by Stanford Scientists


Researchers at the Stanford University have fabricated paper-thin flexible battery that can be used as …