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Electric Vehicles With No Batteries?

Electric Vehicles With No Batteries?

You would be aware of a range of options available for running electrically powered vehicles, also commonly known as EVs. But, here’s an innovative concept taken up by Masahiro Hanazawa of Toyota Central R&D Labs, and by Takashi Ohira of Toyohashi University of Technology – A class-apart, environmentally friendly proposal to power EVs to run

Toyota Ponders Solid State Batteries $TM

Toyota recently unveiled a prototype of its all-solid-state battery,the latest entrant in a technology niche that could become the next bigthing. In solid state batteries, a liquid electrode is replaced with a crystalline membrane or other solid. Orlando, Florida-based Planar Energy claims that it has come up with a formula for a crystalline batterythat can


Ikea Greentech Makes 2.8M Investment in Alelion Batteries

Swedish furniture maker Ikea announced that its venture capital armhas invested US$2.8 million in Alelion Batteries marking the firm’sfirst investment. Established to invest in innovative clean-tech companies, Ikea Greentech has US$70.1 million at its disposal.  This first investment makes Ikea thesecond largest investor in Alelion Batteries — a manufacturer of energy storage devices. Beyond the


International Battery: Developing Batteries for Clean Energy Storage

A number of U.S. companies are leading the charge in developingbetter batteries for use in conjunction with clean energy systems. One such is International Battery (IB), an Allentown, Pennsylvania-based company that in 2008 opened thefirst large format rechargeable lithium-ion cell and batterymanufacturing facility in the United States. The battery maker recentlyrevealed a new, 24-volt, 4.1 kilowatt-hour

Paper Thin Batteries Developed by Stanford Scientists

Researchers at the Stanford University have fabricated paper-thin flexible battery that can be used as a portable source ofpower for flexible displays and even roll-able cellphones. The batteries have been made by coating a regular sheet of paper with a thin film ofcarbon nanotubes and then a thin layer of lithium compound. These thin flexible


How Batteries from A123 Systems Benefit Solar $AONE

A123 Systems located the continent’s largest lithium ion batteryplant, which it just opened on Tuesday, in Livonia, Mich. to make itsproducts more accessible to United States auto manufacturers. Butelectric cars aren’t the only things the batteries are designed topower. “Our batteries are very well suited for use on the grid,” said AndyChu, vice president of

Sanyo Teams Up With UCSD on Solar and Batteries

To remain among the top three suppliers ofsolar-panel solutions tied to ‘smart energy’ systems, Sanyo is bettingon delivering better R&D, and working with the Ivory Tower. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Sanyo NorthAmerica jointly announced an agreement to collaborate on theUniversity’s energy-storage project. The two entities revealed detailsof a multi-year, multi-disciplinary agreement

Solar Stickers for Rechargeable Batteries

Disposablebatteries did transform technology and let to the advent of a range ofportable electronic devices that were powered by them. However, sincemost of these batteries end up in the landfill after they’redischarged, rechargeables are considered a better option for theenvironment. Industrial designer Jon West of Indakind Designsis making sure that rechargeable batteries have an even

AltairNano Looking To Supply Batteries For Hawaii Solar Project (ALTI)

As part of its push into grid-scale electricity storage, Altair Nanotechnologies is looking to supply its lithium-ion batteries to support a 1.4-megawatt solar project on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. That’s according to Joe Heinzmann, senior director of energy storagesolutions for the Reno, Nev.-based battery maker, who was in San Jose,Calif. on Thursday at a

Solar 2A/3A Battery Charger Box

For people who love to be eco-friendly and cannot stand things thathurt our environment, this wonder box will help. This is a large solarpanel that will help you charge 2A/3A batteries. It charge threebatteries at the same time. Under clear sky on a sunny day, you canfully charge 1000mAh batteries in two days. In doors,

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Solar Energy Pros Solar power is a renewable resource. It doesn’t cause pollution while you generate it. Sunlight,unlike fossil fuels is all over, all though it’s not evenly spreadthroughout the earth. Solar power can be generated anywhere, even whenthere are no local electric provider, therefore you are able to haveelectrical energy in remote areas. With