Can Solar Stock Super Returns Continue?

Any way you slice it, solar investing has been on a tear for the last year. Of the 69 solar stocks that the Roen Financial Report tracks, three quarters are up for the year. On average solar stocks have gained 85% for the year, with 60% of solar companies up in the double digits. What is most impressive is […] Read more

Smart Building Industry: Ready to Launch

With the introduction of “smart grid” technology, much of the attention has been focused on how new products will help households become more energy efficient. And while consumer-based smart technologies are great tools to help the everyday person reduce their carbon footprint, it is even more impactful when used by industries on a large scale. […] Read more

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Efficiency Raised to 15%

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have many advantages over their silicon-based counterparts. They offer transparency, flexibility and high power conversion efficiencies under cloudy and artificial light conditions. Most materials needed to produce them are low-cost and abundant. However, until now their overall efficiency has been lower than silicon-based solar cells, mostly because of the inherent voltage […] Read more

FUTUREWATCH: Multicolored Solar Cells for Facade Design

Covering a roof or a facade with standard solar cells to generate electricity will change a building’s original appearance—and not always for the better (this idea to coat buildings with graphene kicks the problem up another notch). At present only dark solar panels are widely available on the market. “Not enough work has been done […] Read more

BASF Increases Lithium-Ion Batteries Investment

German chemical company BASF (PINK: BASFY) is expanding its presence in the lithium-ion battery technology field. On Thursday, the company announced its acquisition of Novolyte Technologies, a maker of lithium-ion electrolyte formulations. Though BASF would not release financial details, it revealed that it is acquiring the company from previous owner Arsenal Capital Partners. The purchase […] Read more

BASF Creates “Battery Materials” Unit

German-based chemical company BASF has been rather busy lately, exhibiting a strong desire to break into the red hot lithium-ion battery market. The company has created a new global business unit called “Battery Materials” and has started to acquire battery research and manufacturing companies at a frenzied pace. In February alone the company has purchased […] Read more

BASF Invests in Renmatix

Just like Coca-Cola’s announcement of partnering with Gevo, Virent and Avantium, the renewable chemicals world takes notice when chemical giants such as BASF, Dow Chemical and DuPont announced further investments in this field. BASF’s $30m investment in US cellulosic sugar developer Renmatix signals the German chemical firm’s intent to expand its feedstock source especially for […] Read more

BASF Backing Green School Investmet

Green schools = Productive and healthy mind for students + Extra money for schools. This was the message sent last month at BASF’s High Performance Buildings for Education summit held in New York City. While construction chemical companies are indeed seeing greatbusiness potential in growing green buildings trend, there is no doubt(as seen on different […] Read more

Masdar City Selects BASF as Preferred Supplier

Masdar City, the futuristic green metropolis being built in AbuDhabi, has selected BASF to be its preferred supplier for buildingmaterials. BASF – familiar to middle aged Americans as a supplier of blankcassette tapes – is one of the world’s big chemical and materialssuppliers. Among its various building products are polystyreneinsulation and chemicals for phase-change air […] Read more