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Nanowire-based Fuel Cell from Tsinghua University

Nanowire-based Fuel Cell from Tsinghua University

Blood could produce electricity soon. Researchers in China and theUS have developed a miniature fuel cell that can produce electricityfrom biological fluids. The team at Tsinghua University in Beijing has successfully constructed a fuel cell by coupling tworedox enzymes via a nanowire of a polymer composite capable ofconducting single protons. This fuel cell was able

Proposed Indo-U.S. Space Based Solar Program by 2025

A report published by an Indian Defense ministry-backed think tankhas proposed the establishment of an Indo –US international space-basedsolar energy program. Is this ever happens it could well become thesecond most important deal inked by the two nations ever since thesigning of the nuclear deal. The project envisages the establishment ofsolar collectors in geostationary orbit


Graphene-based Solar Cells May Seek Scarce Venture Funding

Numerous universities across the U.S. are investigating ways to improvethe efficiency and light capture abilities of solar cells. A newcategory of solar technology was established in the last decade denotedas third generation solar cells, which applies to the family ofmaterials including nanostructures such as: three-dimensional pillars, wires, quantum dots (Solterra in Tempe, AZ), and glitter-like

Pacific Power Seeking Community-Based Renewable Energy

Beginning March 8, Pacific Power will accept applications for community-based renewable energy project funding from its Blue Sky renewable energy program. Tobe considered in this competitive application process, interestedparties must complete and submit an application form, along withsupporting materials, by 5 p.m. PDT on May 14. Renewable energyprojects that are eligible for funding awards from

Researchers at CASE Develop Glass-based Solar Generating System

Researchers at The Center for Architecture Science and Ecology(CASE) have developed a unique concentrating system that is pleasing tothe eye as well. The system is made using rows of pyramid-shaped glassreceptors that move with sunlight throughout the day. Thepyramid shape allows the structure to concentrate sunlight on a smallphotovoltaic cell located in the center of

First Space-based Solar Project Gets California’s Green Light

California’sstate legislators have finally given a green light to thefirst-of-its-kind space-based solar project. California’s biggestenergy utility PG&E has announced that they would purchase 200MW ofsolar power that will be beamed from space by 2016. Theexperimental solar plant will make use of orbiting satellites equippedwith solar cells that transform the sun’s energy into electricity.Electricity generated by


Artificial Leaf May Lead to Solar-Based Liquid Fuels

Imagine “artificial leaves” that replicate a real leaf’s chemical magic by carrying out  photosynthesisin a fashion that converts sunlight and water into liquid fuels likemethanol.  This vision is closer than many people may realize,according to a newly-available report on solar energy called “Powering the World with Sunlight.” “The sun provides more energy to the Earth


Green Mortgages Encourage Residential Solar

U.S. Bank, a unit of Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp(NYSE: USB), said it plans to roll out a new home-equity loan andline-of-credit program offering a a slight rate reduction for qualified“green” home improvement projects.  Initially, the program will only beavailable in Colorado. Homes equipped with solar energy systems, small-wind systems, fuel cells and a range of energy-efficiency

BioSolar Files Patent Application For PV Cell Backing

California-based BioSolar, a developer of bio-based materials fromrenewable plant sources, has filed a patent for a new type ofphotovoltaic (PV) cell backing. The company’s BioBacksheet-A is a three-layer laminate filmconsisting of a 100% recyclable aluminum foil center core sandwichedbetween two outer layers of bio-based polymer films. Backsheets are the bottom layers of PV cells, used

BioSolar Files For Patent On BioBacksheet

BioSolar Inc. says it has filed a patent applicationto protect the innovations behind its proprietary BioBacksheet-A, abio-based backsheet featuring an absolute moisture barrier for thethin-film solar cell market. BioBacksheet-A is a three-layerlaminate film consisting of a 100% recyclable aluminum foil center coresandwiched between two outer layers of bio-based polymer films.

Russia’s Bid for Solar Energy in Space

RUSNANO, theRussian nanotechnology investor, has approved a joint venture projectwith Research-Production Enterprise NPP KVANT that will focus onbuilding solar-energy batteries for spacecrafts. The project will produce gallium arsenide-based solar batteries forsatellites and space stations, with battery efficiency increased from15 to 32% compared to silicon-based batteries. The new batteries aremade up of three-junction solar cells consisting