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The Unisolar dilemma: not selling or selling at a gross loss

Bill Alpert at Barrons followed up [cached] on the competitive pressures facing First Solar, noting statements by Phoenix Solarthat crystalline becomes competitive with thin-film at about $2.30 perWatt (€1.60-1.70) , just about where the current actual quotes forpolycrystalline panels by Yingliof €1.60 and €1.70 per Watt are (the $2.30 per Watt pricing can beindependently confirmed

More on Texas solar rebates

Texas — which already leads the country in wind generation — is jockeying to become a leader in solar power, too. As Margaret outlined last week,the Texas Senate passed a bill that would increase the subsidiesavailable for solar installations across the state. The bill, which hasbeen forwarded to the House for approval, proposes $500 million