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Barrons Savitz On Solar $ENER $ESLR

In a weekend piece over at Barron’s, Eric Savitz sees a rough road ahead for the solar industry as capacity continues to outpace demand for years tocome.  He highlights the fact that while demand has picked up ahead ofthe German solar subsidy cuts in a few months, capacity still outpacesdemand and the situation will only

The Unisolar dilemma: not selling or selling at a gross loss

Bill Alpert at Barrons followed up [cached] on the competitive pressures facing First Solar, noting statements by Phoenix Solarthat crystalline becomes competitive with thin-film at about $2.30 perWatt (€1.60-1.70) , just about where the current actual quotes forpolycrystalline panels by Yingliof €1.60 and €1.70 per Watt are (the $2.30 per Watt pricing can beindependently confirmed

More on Texas solar rebates

Texas — which already leads the country in wind generation — is jockeying to become a leader in solar power, too. As Margaret outlined last week,the Texas Senate passed a bill that would increase the subsidiesavailable for solar installations across the state. The bill, which hasbeen forwarded to the House for approval, proposes $500 million