14 Apr

EIA Revises Two Decades of Oil Data

With the most recent release of international oil production data, EIA Washington has revised figures …

05 Apr

The Correlation Between LNG Exports and Natural Gas Prices


Natural gas producers are searching for options to increase their revenues as gas prices in …

05 Apr

The Great BTU Race

The world’s major central banks — including the Bank of Japan (BOJ), the European Central …

27 Mar

Oil and Politics in Iraq

Energy Boom

A delegation from the International Energy Agency spent two days in Baghdad speaking with high-ranking …

21 Mar

$8 Gas: Inevitable?

Beacon Equity Research

With oil prices remaining stubbornly above the $100 per barrel mark for WTIC, calls for …

18 Mar

Primus Green Energy: High-Octane Bio-Gas

Green Patent Blog

As oil prices soar, the exploration of alternative fuel sources continues. Primus Green Energy, based …

16 Mar

The New Price of Oil

In the Spring of 2011, when Libyan oil production — over 1 million barrels a …

15 Feb

In Focus: Oil Tar Sands


Last week, OpenEI focused on the issues related to fracking. We showed both the potential …

03 Feb

Snake Oil

Brighter Tomorrow

“Our children will enjoy in their homes electrical energy too cheap to meter,” predicted Lewis …

02 Feb

Big Oil Doesn’t Want to Hear About Electric Vehicles

Green Chip Stocks

I read an article this morning that highlighted some data released by BP and Exxon …

01 Feb

In Focus: Fracking


Fracking has been a hot topic in the United Statesin recent years, but did you …

30 Jan

The Future of Global Oil Production

Since 2005, European oil consumption has fallen by 1.5 million barrels a day. And, in …