28 Feb

Shell Gives Up on Drilling in Arctic


After experiencing one ridiculous mishap after another, Shell is leaving the Arctic with its tail …

24 Jan

BMW Tests Fuel Cell Technology for Future Vehicles


BMW and Toyota are reportedly close to locking down a deal in which BMW will …

27 Dec

U.S Energy Independence: Is 2013 The Year?

The Energy Report

Here’s a little energy investment 101: when oil moves up, so does the dollar. Energy …

18 Dec

2012′s Top 5 Oil & Gas Plays

2012 has been a stellar year for oil and gas. From East Africa to North …

21 Jul

Transportation Fuel Consumption Through 2035

3000 Quads

More than a quarter (26 of 98 quads) of our energy consumption in 2011 was …

06 Jul

In Focus: Gas-to-Liquids (GTL)


Gas-to-liquids (GTL) is a technology that chemically converts natural gas to a liquid synthetic fuel …

17 Jun

Truckers Going Green Via Natural Gas


When it comes to effective truck fleet management, many things need to be taken into …

09 Jun

Using Solar to Produce Oil


We’re all familiar with solar as a way to generate electricity and hot water, but …

17 May

Energy Consumption Details

3000 Quads

This is more like energy consumption trivia, actually. I find these details fascinating and they …

01 May

Fuel Efficiency: The Road Ahead

Green Tech Gazette

Automakers are under pressure to meet the demands of the Federal Government’s fuel efficiency standards …

27 Apr

The North Sea Is Now A Renewable Energy Hub

Green Chip Stocks

There’s been some great news over the past few weeks for the British offshore wind …

24 Apr

The Middle East and Africa: Consuming A Bunch of Oil

Over the past decade, Asia’s transition to the leadership position in global oil consumption is …