01 Jul

RIP: ArrayPower

Greentech Media

In 2008, I came across a slide deck circulating among VCs on Sand Hill Road …

26 Oct

Will Sharp Exit Solar?


Sharp Corporation may end production and sales of solar cells and modules in the U.S. …

26 Oct

Siemens: Still in the Solar Game

Go Green Solar

If you were to google “siemens solar” right now, you’d probably see a number of …

25 Oct

The Citigroup of China? LDK Solar Now Owned by Chinese Government

Greentech Media

LDK (NYSE: LDK), based in China, is one of the world’s largest producers of solar …

11 Jul

The “No More Solyndras” Act


Republican lawmakers are formalizing their assault on Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantees for young …

11 Jul

In Desperation, A123 Raises $39M

Greentech Media

Lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems on Friday announced plans to raise about $39 million in …

02 Jul

Why the Abound Solar Bankruptcy Wasn’t Surprising

Green Chip Stocks

The news report on Department of Energy informing of Abound Solar demise surprised many people …

28 Jun

RIP: Abound Solar

Greentech Media

The DOE confirmed that Abound will be closing its doors and declaring bankruptcy next weekin …

19 Jun

Will The Remaining Thin Film Solar Companies Make It?

Green Chip Stocks

While the solar bankruptcies that have been going on for the last year or so …

01 Jun

More Problems at A123 Systems

Green Chip Stocks

Lithium Ion battery maker A123 Systems (NASDAQ:AONE) recently said in its 8K filing with the …

02 Apr

Q-Cells: On the Brink of Bankruptcy

Greentech Media

This is what a solar shakeout looks like. This is also the last breath of …

29 Mar

Odersun Files for Bankruptcy

Greentech Media

As Shyam Mehta, Solar Analyst at GTM Research, has said, “Consolidation is a nice word …